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  • It's Official!

    I HATE Windows 7!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For graphic users like us who some, like me have THOUSANDS of graphic files on different drives. Windows 7 has taken away completely the ability to arrange our folders manually. Say you DL a kit or qp whatever from another site as soon as you unzip the file, it moves the folder so if you , like me have thousands of graphic files, have to search through thousands of folders to find the one you just unzipped and what heaven forbid, if you don't remember the name? sometimes unzipped files are named different than when they were zipped.
    I was on MS forums for 3 days looking for a solution and guess what? THERE ISN'T ONE! MS tells us that (and I Quote)
    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Answers Community.
    The change in Windows 7 is by design, but if you feel that this is something you would like changed, please submit your suggestion at the Microsoft Connect site for feedback.

    I am going back to XP as of today! I can do everything with XP that I can in 7 but what I can't do in 7 is too numerous to list.
    Now don't bite my head off, this is just my opinion but Win7 was NOT made for anyone who uses alot of graphic or even music files for that matter.

    My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
    Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.

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    Thanks for the "heads-up"! I've been wondering about 7 - I'm still using XP and missed Vista because my computer is older!!