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    Hi All,
    I'm planning on buying a new laptop just for photos & scrapbooking (my current one is old, slow & crashes A LOT). I'm not a hardware person, what specs should I be looking for? Minimum memory, etc?
    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Hi Terri33.

    My advise to anyone bying a computer is... Buy as much as you can afford. Once you start playing with graphics, a whole new world is open to you and you begin to see all kinds of possibilities, like getting photo editing software and learning graphics designs, etc. There is never enough memory as far as I'm concern, minimum 4 gigs. That is the single most important thing you need, and a good, fast graphics card. Hard disk capacity is not as important, because you should get an external hard disk as a back up and to store your work files anyway. Try to get the largest monitor size also. You will need it for your layouts. 17" or 19" is way better than 15".

    Well, I'm sure one of the gurus will be able to give you better answers. This is just my two cents. Hope you get what you need, and by all means, enjoy it!

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