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    Hi Guys,
    I wanted to Tell Ya'll,

    My Granny Passed away this morning. I am So Thakfull, to have got the Pictures of her a Khloie when she was feeling good a few weeks ago. She has been fighting everything under the sun for about 3 years, with the last 6 months taken its toll. She told me the Friday before Kholie was born, she was tired of fighting, she gets over one issue and another one pops up.

    She asked the Doctors to let her go home, because she didn't want to pass at the Hospital, and the doctors had done told her there was nothing else they could do, the antobotics would not get rid of the infection in her lungs anymore. So she came home Tue afternoon, and Wed. morning (this Morning) she went to meet Our Family and Her Maker. It was peaceful, she closed her eyes and went to Sleep.

    I was going into the Gate at the Plant when I got the Call, so I did what I had to do right quick, then
    I got to Go See her and Say Good Bye, before they took her to Funeral Home. I Know she don't Hurt Know More, she is Able to walk, Run, or Skip now, so that Gives me Peace. She Might Even be Fishing right now, who Knows!!!

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    I am so sorry to hear this but I am glad for you and your family that she did get a few moments with Kholie. She is at peace now and you have the many wonderful memories to share throughout the years. May God Bless you and your family. You and your family are in my prayers.


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      Sorry to hear of your loss. My sympathies to you and your family.

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        Kimmy, sweetie, I am so sorry....I know there is never anything someone can say to make it better...But you are right, she is probably catching the BIG ONES right now...<wink> You are in my prayers hun! Take care of you...
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          Kimmy I'm so sorry for your lossbut as you say say,she's probably fishing right now ans if there is a special place where all the fishing guys go she'll probably meet with my Dad and my brother. They would have a good trading fishing stories.
          Love Val

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            So sorry.Ir is such a loss when hey are so special.Prayers are with you.
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              Thanks Ya'll, I know Granny has Peace now. I am So Glad to Have all of Ya'll too!!!!

              Me and My Aunties was talking this morning and we was saying, when she met up with all Our Family and all the Hugs was over, she started asking Her Father In Law who his daddy was and Where he was born!!! She was so interested in the Genealogy I was doing, and could never get past my Great Grand Pa, (her Father in law) We always joked about her, going to 20 question him, when she saw him. We even did the DNA study, and Never Matched our Surname. Then we turn to her being able to go Fishing Now!!!!

              Val, I bet they are all Fishing together, My Family never Met Strangers!!!! and Always Loved to Share Fishing Stories!!!

              My Biggest thing is She is Free from her Sick Body.

              All Ya'lls Prayers Are Appreciated!!!!


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                So sorry Kimmyann, but you are right, she is in a better place now.


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                  Kimmy, I am so very sorry for your loss! Words never seem quite adequate at a time like this but please know that your family will be in our prayers!

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                    Thanks Ya'll......


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                      Oh dear... I'm just now seeing this?!

                      So sorry to hear of your loss -- you are in our prayers here, girl! Thinking of you and your family!

                      I know how much you wanted to get those layouts done of your Granny and Khloie -- such a keepsake they will be for everyone!

                      I just know God has been showing your Granny all the good fishin' spots.


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                        I am just now seeing this also so sorry to hear about your loss but she is no longer sick and in pain and in Gods arms now. Its wonderful you have the photos so you can show your little girl someday. Prayers to you and your family.


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                          My deepest sympathy to you and your family - she is with God now hugs xoxo
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                            Thanks Ya'll.... Yes the Pictures I got are a Treasure Now. God will take care of her, till we have all Our Family together Again. Thanks For all the Prayers.


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                              Blessings to you Kimmyann. Thoughts are with you.
                              All the best from Nanny Bernie.
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