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    What a night this has been.I can only say I am Proud To Be a CANADIAN.

    I think The United States did very well and I am glad they got a great medal as well-- to be very proud.
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    What a game!! Your hockey team deserved to win - in overtime makes it even more exciting!! We did some screaming!! LOL


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      I was sorely disappointed that 'we' didn't win the game but I'm happy it was Canada we lost against. I was in the ER with hubby when the news came in via his doctor lol. CONGRATS CANADA!!!!!

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        Oh what a game. I haven't been this excited since I gave I am very proud and had a pizza party with friends while watching the game. It has been a great Olympics with both sad and happy moments. Everyone in the games worked soooo hard for years to get this far. It means that they had to be the best to be there. And that makes them all winner's..........................xoxoxoxo


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          LOVED the hockey game! On the edge of my seat right through to the end! It was a tough game and the win by Canada was well deserved! Congrats to both teams for playing such a great game!

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