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    Oh, Wolsie...

    I can't leave you alone for a while, you get all discombuburated!!! I'm glad you're feeling better, pumpkin, but please, please, take care of yourself. I don't have that many friends, can't afford to loose any, specially you, turkey drawers!!!

    Love ya enormously!


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      I'm so happy that you are feeling so much better! Long may it continue.

      Many blessings - FS xx
      Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow.

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        Sweetie pie!!! glad to know you are feeling little better, sorry to know you was not ok, but hopefully you feel better!!!! hope to see you around and of course cant miss you awsome stuff
        baci baci bella
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          I had to post this...Went to see my doctor yesterday about some blood work results...My numbers are improving...and not just with the kidneys, but my DIabetes (A1C went lower), my chlestorol went down, my Vitamin D went up as well as my Protien level...My legs are still feeling better...My feet sometimes hurt, but I don't pain is always better then nothing, so no complaining here...I am still walking without the help from something or someone...I can't tell you how great this is!!!!!! and I had to share it with everyone... My thyroid test came back normal but something else called a PCH or something like that was elevated, but they will check it again soon...So Amen to all this...Whoo-Hoo!!!!!
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            Prayers still headed your way that you continue to feel better.


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              Great news Michelle!!! I hope you continue to improve--you are always in my prayers.

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                Great news Chel, you are heading in the right direction now.


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                  Thanks Sue, Paula and everyone else...I appreciate all the support...
                  I went to the doctor yesterday...and even my heart is doing better...All because of ONE pill, which made me walk again (better then before), everything is looking up! I lost a total of 13 pounds now too...I think it is I am hoping to lose more...I now have to get my huge furball to learn how to walk on a leash...funny thing is..He can walk with me without it, and walk right beside me...He listens very well to me...He is my baby!!!! LOL...But once I even touch his darn leash, he turns into hyper mutt!!!!!! I don't get it....ugh...I know he wants to walk with me, but he pulls so much that he chokes himself and gags all the time...He can be stupid...LMBO! But I love him and will figure this thing out with him....
                  Again, thanks...I am feeling better and doing more stuff now...Having more energy is an awesome feeling...So whoo-hoo to the miracle train!!!!!
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                    I am so happy to here you are still doing better. I pray that it continues throughout your life.