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Can anyone help...???

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  • Can anyone help...???

    I have seen these advertised but wonder if anyone has seen any for sale in the USA.
    My sister and I will be flying into Minneapolis ~ driving North & into Canada (Nr Winnepeg).
    We will spend approx one week with my niece in Souris, Nr Brandon before we take a different route back south to end our trip in the Minneapolis area.

    I would love to see the product before I buy one.

    It seems like a great product. What do you think?
    Have you seen anything similar?
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    A friend of mine at work the other day showed me a bag almost identical to that I have just sent her a message via Facebook about it. I should hear back from her soon.But iif not I work tomorrow so I will ask her about it if she is there.


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      Oh Christina, I'm getting excited...


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        Well I wish I had more to tell you but my friend at work said she bought it from the daughter of another lady at work..It was a school fund raiser thing...But the bag looks very similiar to the pics you posted on here. Sorry I can't help you more..