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To all our Aussie friends

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  • To all our Aussie friends

    So sorry to hear about the death of your fellow country man Steve Irwin.
    I truly enjoyed his shows and his enthusiasm for life.


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    So sorry

    We will all miss Steve Irwin and his love for and care of animals. What a tragic accident.


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      Same here, so sad epecially with him having such a young family!
      Love Bee


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        Such a tragedy

        Originally posted by Marion View Post
        So sorry to hear about the death of your fellow country man Steve Irwin.
        I truly enjoyed his shows and his enthusiasm for life.

        Thats really lovely of you to say Marion! He was a wonderful man, to his family, to the animals, and conservation, and will be sorely missed.

        Everytime I woke up last night, he was the first thought that popped into my head. I still cannot believe he's gone.

        R.I.P. Mate.


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          Yeah. Its amazing what an impact this has had. When I see his face on Tv it makes me so sad to think about his dear family. He was a very cool man and will be deeply missed.


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            Steve will be sadly missed, my Heart Breaks for His Family and Prayers go out to them....He will not be forgotten, as he will live in many Hearts.......
            " Crocks Rule..."


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              Thank you everyone, I too really feel for Terri & his young family..
              To a lot of Aussies Steve took a lot of risks & did some really silly antics & put himself in danger too many times, I heard many people over the last few years say that a Croc would probably get him one day....but to go this way, by a creature that usually is placid,is a terrible terrible thing,words fail to express how saddened it makes me, the support from everyone has been amazing & we know he was loved by you all & its truly appreciated.


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                There are people who you never meet, but you feel like you know them. Especially people who share so much of themselves - who they really ARE - by doing what they love. These people make us laugh and learn and feel a bit more joy in life. To me, that was Steve Irwin. I was so sorry to hear about his death. He seemed so invincible. And I'm really sorry for his beautiful family who have to go on without him.

                He will be missed.



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                  we are so sorry too , but in our hearts will be always with that invencible joy for life, he showed us to love more the nature and take care of it
                  Miss ya!
                  Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!


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                    We Will Miss Him

                    My daughter and myself got to meet his family and himself thru the make a wish foundation, it was my daughters wish to go to australia zoo, she was diagnosed with cancer and this is an organisation in australia that grants wishes to children with terminal illnesses, i am blessed she is still with us, and my heart goes to Terri and the kids, they took us into their home and treated us like family, they are truley a beautiful family and steve and terri were like long lost friends, they are so down to earth, I asked steve how did all the publicity affect him and his family, he says that if it saves animals then he will do what it takes as for the status, he told us that the kids with cancer are the true heros in this world and that he is just a ordinary guy who puts his shorts on like us all 1 leg at a time, so not to treat him any different than just another mate.... we have fond memories prayers to his family, and I know that I will never forget this man and all he has done we were with him for 1 whole week and I felt that I had known him a lifetime...
                    Take care of all the animals in heaven mate we will miss and love you always
                    South Australia


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                      I received this email this morning:

                      INTERNATIONAL KHAKI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Pull on your best Khaki's guys....

                      International Khaki Day has been proposed in remembrance of a great man Steve Irwin. His enthusiasm was infectious and his wildlife and habitat conservation message reached so many individuals on various levels.

                      So this Friday, pull on something Khaki, pants, a shirt or wear a Khaki wristband...anything khaki . rememberance of a great man

                      Please forward the message onto all your contacts.