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Worst Day - Threatened & Verbal Abuse

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  • Worst Day - Threatened & Verbal Abuse

    The Worst day
    I've just had the worst day today, although I guess it could have been worse.

    Firstly the car needs repairing - $400 - they have to get parts and have to wait until friday. Fine - can handle that one.

    Second - car parked in a shared driveway on the side at my aunts place and her neighbour backs into my car parked at the side. (note plenty of room for him to get past as a courier van had just been in and out with no problems just minutes before).
    Neighbour knocks on her tour swearing and yelling "did she have a "beep"ing visitor parked in the driveway as he had just backed into the car. Beep of course is - I'm sure you know what I mean - the F word.
    Well the swearing the yelling continues - he not only does this but threatens etc. On the way out to look at the car - I said to my aunt to call the police because is manner was so abusive. He continues to swear at me - he is obviously in the wrong as he backed into my parked car. I wasn't even out there at the time. And all this he does in front of his children. Of course I was entirely at fault in his opinion. He refuses to give me his license number and details except for his name. I write down his number plate number - I know where he lives as he is my aunts neighbour.
    I've never been sworn and threatened so much in my entire life. He left before police arrived, I went back inside and cryed my eyes out. I must say however, that I did stand up to him because I new he was totally in the wrong and I had insurance that would deal with him. Police arrived and took details and said they'd have a word to him over his abusive behavour and that the insurance company would sort the rest out.
    Approx $900 of damage to my car. Mainly paint damage down from front tyre down the side which finished at the passenger door on drivers side. A fair distance to scratch down before he stopped. Panel beater said minimum 4 days to repair and more probably 5 days. Our insurance doesn't cover hire car so I think I've found a company that has curtosity car we can use.
    All this - for something I'm not at fault for at all.

    Before we left - he come back - yelling more abuse - followed us up the drive way when we went to get into my car. Honestly, if his abuse was any worse - I think he may have hit me or picked up something to smash my car up.
    He has hurled abuse at my aunt - the told her "he is the neighbour from hell and that she might want to sell her house sooner rather than later to get away from him". I ended up ringing her after leaving to make sure she got back inside safely.
    I just hope he doesn't do anything to her and leaves her alone. What a mess all this trouble and none of it my fault or my aunts.

    My stomack felt like it was in knots and my heart was racing. I hope I don't ever run into this man ever again. I don't think I will be visiting my aunt again while I know he is living next door. Lucky, he is just renting and I hope he doesn't stay too long. The reason for his move to there was apprently a disagreement with another neighbour. I sure hope he moves on soon or the landlord kicks him out.
    thanks for listening.
    Kind wishes from Carena
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    *hugs* i have had abusive neighbours in the past and they really wear you down, get your aunt to write down every incident, take photo's or better still use the video on her phone/camera to record him...then ask to meet with the landlord them the evidence and if they ignore you and he isn't dealt with just take all the evidence to the police and get him done on a harrassment change xxxx

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      That is absolutely terrible carena. Sadly that sort of rage is on the increase everywhere. What a terrible unreasonable, vile personality. I'm so sorry you had to suffer that.. It really leaves you almost in shock doesnt it. Hard to relate to why some have to be so obnoxious.... no need at all! It was totally his fault anyway but they are so disagreeable that it's never their fault... its always someone elses.
      It's like 2nd Timothy 3:1-5 prophecied though in these last days.... men would be, fierce, puffed up with pride , without love of goodness, not open to any agreement... angry outbursts will only get worse !
      Take care and dont let him get to you


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        I'm sooo sorry you've had such a fowl meanie cross your path . . . Don't let him upset you any further. He was COMPLETELY WRONG (both for causing the accident and for his fowl & abusive manner) and that's as clear as day . . . I agree with Angelwithin, take notes so you have proof should there ever be a need for it. You were right to call the cops, and keep it all on record. . . Hopefully they and the insurance will sort the rest out and you'll never need to cross paths again!!


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          So sorry that you had to go through this. He must be a very sick person to act this way. Sure hope that your aunt does not have any problems with him. Please make sure she does document everything. And if she knows and can contact the landlord, she should do that.

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            OOOOOOooooooooooooo my oh my this is terribble.There are many crazies in this world and it is scary.Your such a nice person.I always believe what goes around comes around or you reap what you sow.His justice will come to him and it may not be nice.
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              Sorry you had to go through all that...A person like that should have gotten a fine just for the harrassment...Seriously,,there was no reason for that....and make sure you write that threat down somewhere, sign it, date it, etc...Including your Aunt, incase he would do anything to her or the house...Now a days I wouldn't take any chances...That is just horrible...Keep your chin up...I do hope everything gets fixed ok...I will say a prayer for you hun... Thank God everyone is ok...((HUGS))
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                Thanks everyone. My insurance is sorting out the repairs and I don't have any excess to pay because it wasn't my fault. I'm glad they will have to deal with this idiot. My main concern now is with my aunt living next door to him and sharing a driveway. She owns her house and has lived there for 40 years and now has an idiot like him living next door who only rents it. She is 70 years old and doesn't need this in her life.
                Kind wishes from Carena
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                  May the poop of a thousand camels land on his head tonight. Not to mention the rest of his worthless belongings!!!

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                    Well said Granny

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                      Somebody yelled at our sweet Carena!? And an elderly woman!? That's downright dispicable! So sorry you and your aunt had to cross paths with such a horrible person, sweetie! Prayers that the good Lord watches over your aunt. And like everyone has said, document whatever happens.

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                        Carena, It is so sad that the world is gaining more and more unstable and unreasonable people like that. I will keep you and your Aunt in my prayers that you may be protected from any further abuse from him. As mentioned by Eye, what goes around comes around, and it will all come back to him a thousand fold. And if it isn't soon enough, perhaps Granny's Camel poo will help him see the error of his ways. God Bless you and your Aunt. Do document everything, no matter how small a detail it may seem to be..
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                          Awe, so sorry Carena. It's bad enough accidents happen, but there is no reason for some one to act like that especially since it was his own fault. If he didn't think he had room to get around (even though he did), he could have at least asked for you to move the car, rather than plow recklessly into you car then blame you for it. Hope your able to get your car fixed soon and your Aunt should be very cautious at least for a while.


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                            Ditto to all of the above!


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                              Well the insurance is covering all of the repairs on my car - I don't have any excess to pay either. I can only get some satisfaction from the fact he or his insurance company will have to pay. I'd assume he'd have excess to pay also - HA ha - that's if he has any insurance at all.

                              Car goes into the shop for repair on Wednesday - Friday and I have a curitosy car in the mean time.

                              The police did mention to my uncle that the man is known to them - I'm not surprised.
                              Kind wishes from Carena
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