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    As you all may be aware, our own dear Wolvsie35 - Michelle McCoy, has been suffereing health issues for quite some time. She is now in need of a kidney and pancreas transplant due to complications from diabetes. Her CT at Crafty Scraps has created a kit called Hope For Michelle to help with the costs. Anyone who wants to help show support can find this kit in her CS Store.
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    Thanks for the reminder. Just got back from 10 days away and trying to catch up everywhere. It is on my todo list. Michelle is such a sweetie and is always on my prayer list too.

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      Linda, thanks so very much for pointing this out, the first time I tried to find it I got a bit lost, but I looked under Charity Kits and there it was Hope for Michelle. Are we posting layouts using this kit in our gallery here?

      Reiki, love and gentle breezes to Michelle, as always.

      Blessings - FS xx
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        You guys are all so sweet...and I couldn't ask for a more caring and friendly community....I can't thank my CT's enough for putting this together for is now in numerous stores...I haven't asked if I can put it in this one here or not...<wink>
        I am a fighter, and always will be...After many many tests, they have come to the conclusion that a Pancreas Transplant would do more worse then good...But I am still able to have a kidney Transplant...BUT before I can have that done, I need to have one more heart surgery, and a bypass surgery done on both my Groin area's on each leg...So I am now on the 'Inactive Waiting List' until that all get's fixed...LOL...I have been sending out stuff to people who have volunteered to see if they are a match for me...Surgeon said in my health condition, my survival rate is a lot better if I find a "live" donor...So I am on the hunt...hehehe....Thanks for all the prayers and help everyone is giving me...I had some wonderful donations as well, which if anyone is interested, there is a button on my blog....Thanks again for everything...Love ya all!
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          Michelle if you ask they may be able to put the kit in the charity section

          was great chatting with you the other night.....had to check you were ok and not abducted by aliens *wink* lol

          good luck with the kidney i said i'd volenteer mind but it would make you worse not better lol

          luvs ya xxx

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            I really hope they're able to add this kit to the store! It's truly beautiful . . . Here's a layout I've done with it . . . Hope you like it Michelle . . .


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              How do you like the birthday card I just made with this beautiful kit


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                Since I had to scrap the inside of this card anyway, I thought I'd share it with you all


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                  Just love these dreamer...thanks for showing them off to everyone...((HUGS))
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                    I am so out of it. I had no idea you were going through so much. Would never have guessed it Wolvsie. You are one strong woman. It definately makes me smile. I am off to check out the kit
                    Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                      tried to find it, but can not. Can someone help me and let me know where to go? I tried uner Michelle, under Charity - still can not find it.
                      Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                        Sweetie, you will find it HERE....Then click the charity tab....I forgot to put it in the store
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