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I'll be gone for 4 days

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  • I'll be gone for 4 days

    Yupperz, I am leaving tomorrow morning to drive up north to see my brother...It's a long drive and a lot of wear and tear on my legs, but I manage, and my parents take breaks on the way...It is almost 4 hours away from where I live...My youngest son is coming also...I had to force him to go..He would rather go to school then spend 4 days with my nephew...rofl...But I'm the mom, and what I say goes...hehe...I will be coming back home on Monday...and don't worry, I will be taking some awesome photo's out in the woods...I am hoping there is some colorful leaves on them...But most likely, not...Maybe I can meet up with a bear, wolf, or something else...Anywho....I will miss everyone and behave while I'm gone...<wink> ((HUGS))
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    I hope you enjoy your visit.


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      Have a fantabulous trip and catch up session, don't worry, we'll try not to wreck things back here . . . We wanna hear that you kicked back, relaxed and did nothing but unwind the entire time . . . Sneaking in a pic or two of course. . .


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        Have fun hon! Can't wait to see your pics!

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