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  • #16 I get a call from you, and dont answer, I am either at a doc appointment or my kids are on the GF...Hope you are doing well...Miss ya!!!!

    I got my MRI results back today and the same two spots that I had there a year ago are still there, but this time they have color to them...(whatever that means) he is assuming it is vascular or from the Diabetes...BUT one of the spots are located in an area that could cause me to have seizures...but he isn't going to do anything at this time...?????? Is there a reason doctors wait until there is nothing left to do to fix a problem...!? Why do they wait so long to fix something they see is harmful, even if it's a "might be" thing? I dont' get it...Anywho....The report is being sent to my regular doctor cause I want a second opinion... I don't want to have black outs when I shouldn't be....ugh....sometimes I swear they are only in the medical field for the money...really ticks me off....
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