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Australian floods

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  • Australian floods

    Thoughts and prayers go out to all the people effected by the floods in Queensland, Australia.

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    I agree, can't seem to keep up with all the weather related problems in the world. Hope all our scrapping friends are OK>

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      Makeyesup, you are sooo right!! These weather issues are quite scary . . .

      My nephew & his fam are in Oz and were evacuated yesterday. . . Needless to say I'm very worried about them...

      Similarly, floods are hitting one side of SA (where my Dad's fam & 2 of my sister's live) and on the other side where I am, we've just had the worst heat wave I think I've ever lived through - temp's were soaring between 35- 45 degrees celcius depending where you were . . .

      My thoughts and prayers are with all who are facing challenges . . . Keep safe!


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        You keep safe Daydreamer.Holy Cow what a heat wave.If we get 27 here in the summer we find it too warm.Lots of floods everywhere.I do hope all will be safe.PRAYERS ARE SENT OUT.
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          Wishing everyone safety and health. What a way to start out the new year.....


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            Praying for everyones safety.


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              The weather has been crazy all over the world! I live in the mountains and today is the first real snow fall we have had. A few days ago we could see grass. Now we have about 2 feet so far in one day! It's the middle of January already!
              Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy!!!!!

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                We don't have nearly as much snow as is usual this time of year in Wisconsin. I guess it went south and dumped on Atlanta instead. It is very cold however.


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                  Well the weather here in Nova Scotia is cold and we have lots and lots of snow. We had to have the drive way plowed out three times last week plus we had to shovel to get out the door at least five times. I am getting what we call "shack wacky" which means staying indoors too long. I just want to see the grass again. I guess that won't happen for another three months............anyone want to help me build a snowman am loosing it........xoxo


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                    We call it "cabin fever" here in Wisconsin, or "the winter blues". It is snowing right now outside. not sure how much we are suppose to get today. Can't wait for Spring!!!!