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  • earthquake & tsunami areas

    to all my friends that are involved and to those who have family involved in the eathquake in japan and those who are in areas with tsunami warning (Philippines, Guam, Indonesia, the Pacific coast of Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the entire west coast of the United States and Canada) my love and prayers are with you all ♥

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    Hello Angel.......thank you for your thought's. We are fine here in Canada, but my heart goes out to Japan. I have cried many tears watching the news. I just pray God helps all of the children and family's involved. The world certainly has had its share of destruction in the last few years. The only thing that we can do is pray for them. And help them in any way that we can..............xoxoxo........God bless and help these people..........


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      It's aweful to watch. Lots of flood and weather damage accross the Eastern United states coast. Fighting in Libya. Wow. almost too much to keep up with. Stay safe everyone!


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        New Zealand only having tidal changes - Advice is to keep out of the water but so far no noticeable difference - more currents in the water.
        I also have cried buckets watching the news.
        Kind wishes from Carena
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          Yes this is such devastating news.I fear the core of the earth is heating up and we are in for more hardship in the years ahead.It is scary.Prayers are always with those in such awful situations.
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            I too am devastated by this horrible news. I have been praying all day for all those in harms way. There has been so many weather related tragedies over the past couple years and I can only hope that things will change for the better soon.

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              My prayers go out to the entire world. There has been so much tragedy, I thank God every day for keeping me and my family and friends safe.

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