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  • News from Michelle (Wolvsie)

    Michelle asked me to post a note for her. She had surgery last week to put a line in her arm to get ready for dialysis. She is still in great pain and so isn't able to be on the computer much. She wanted everyone to know what was going on. She hopes to be better soon and post a new challenge.

    Keep her in your thoughts and prayers!


    Dina AKA MemphisFran

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    Will do, keep us updated.


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      I hope your pain goes away quick and you can get back here where you belong.
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        Thanks for the update. It is very much appreciated.


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          Well if she can't get on her puter much, that MUST mean she's behaving! LOL...Heal quick as ya can GF...Miss ya!

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            Hi pumkin... Please, please, take care of yourself. Miss you and hope that this treatment will really help you. You're always in my thoughts.



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              Thanks guys....I am feeling a little better...It is so sore...I have had many many surgeries before...but this one is topping the cake....well minus the 5 your right Paula...recovery time is a couple butterfly stitches (or tape), whatever you call them thin tapes that run over the stitches....A couple are starting to come off...So I guess that's a plus...I can type better, BUT I still have no feeling in the lower part of my arm and two fingers...ugh...My arm feels like.....well. you know when you get your mouth numbed by the dentist before pulling a tooth? That weird feeling on your face is how my arm feels....It is driving me nuts...I hope I get the feeling back, and those nerves werent damaged completely during the surgery...I will not be a happy scrapper....eek...
              Thanks for all your loving wishes...It's nice to read when your feeling blue...<wink> Your all so nice...((HUGS))
              I attached a photo if you all wanted to see the hope it doesn't offend anyone....
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                Ouch, you are all brused up there!!! I hope the feeling comes back in your arm and fingers as well. I would not know what to do if the crafty parts of me were hindered. God bless and get some rest.


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                  Michelle: I hope that you heal fast and that the dialysis works ok for you. It is a long road ahead but as we can tell, you are not a "giving up" type of gal. A friend of mine has been on dialysis for 17 years and you would never know it if you met her. I truly believe that it is because of her faith and outlook on life. You have both of these things and lots of friends praying for you. May god bless and keep you strong.............xoxoxo


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                    I hope you heal quickly Michelle. We'll be praying for you!

                    God Bless,


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                      Thanks everyone....I am healing pretty good...Still a little sore...but I am managing so much better then before...At least I can type arm and hand is still numb however...getting used to it...<wink> Thanks for saying such sweet things....((HUGS))
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                        ooh, that does look sore. Sure hope you recover fast. Hang in there.