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So happy I have to share!!!!

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  • So happy I have to share!!!!

    Okay ladies, I was a little off at the fact that I lost my job, and well, figured things would work itself out....things are awesome. NO! I did not find a job - even better! I have been paying attention to what I eat, and working out, and in the last month I have lost 11 pounds!!! I am soo excited about it. It is a battle I struggle with (as I am sure a lot of you here do as well) daily. It is very exciting. My trick (for any of you who hate working out too) is small bursts of exercise! I will do 10 minutes of small things like walking, swimming, jogging, dancing around the house with the music turned up, and yeah, kept my calories at a healthy amount, and wow!
    Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within

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    Good for you tin tin. Happy to here you are dealing with things in a healthy way. Congrats.


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      thanks. I think it is important to stay healthy, and I do have a background in personal fitness, so it helps to not have to rely on someone else teaching me. I think in sharing with you ladies though it will help me stay focused!
      Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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        go girl

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          Great job Tin Tin, sometimes what we think is good for us is just a rut we are in. And the fact that you are up right now makes you a good interview candidate. So good luck on that too.

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            Oh this is wonderful.You can do it xo
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              Tin Tin.....YOU GO GF!!!!
              You know me, I can't walk much or do....well....much of anything, so I have been doing what you mentioned....Every chance I get, I am dancing around my house like a kids think I'm crazy...sometime, I will walk up the stairs for no reason...and my dog follows me everywhere...(he could lose weight so it's an added bonus...I have lost a total of 16 pounds since I started....and that was last month...but Dialysis is helping too, since it sucks out all my guess in a way I I am so proud of you....Awesome news...Keep up the good work doll!
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                you too wolvsie. little bits at a time! :O
                Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within