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  • Scavenger Hunt Help Please

    Hi All,
    I need help. I'm on an Activity Night commitee at our school. All the 5th graders come to school one night (which happens to be next week) and we plan an activity for them. This years theme is a Scavenger hunt...Now we only have the gym and a hallway and the cafeteria to work with so we decided to include challenges. Examples being...every child in your group has to make a basket (basketball) I thought this would be easy enough but now I'm drawing a complete blank as to some more things.

    Ideas we have so far

    finding something in a ball pit
    Throw a frisbee through a hula hoop
    Find a bookmark in a book (in the hallway)
    Jumping jacks

    I know everyone here is so creative and was hoping you could give me some ideas!

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    Hop thru a hopscotch pattern....without touching the lines...
    Have them find Waldo in a Waldo book?
    The hidden pictures in a Highlights book?
    Make your own where's waldo but school objects - mascot.. principal....fifth
    Each group write a poem - Write a line beginning with the letter of each name in the group...
    Create a word search with all fifth grade student names....have them find their own name....
    Have each group put together a jigsaw puzzle.
    The little metal magic tricks that you take apart and put back together???

    That is just off the top of my head.....Maybe others can give you more...
    Hope this helps...

    It sounds like you will be having a great time!



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      Write the name of a famous character, and pin it in the back of their shirts. They have to ask the other people in the room questions that have a yes or no answer only, to help them figure out who they are. For instance, you have the name George Washington on the paper on your back. You go up to another kid and ask them.... "Is my character a man or a woman", yes or no answer only. "Is my character a good or bad person", yes or no only. "Is the person still alive".

      So, only one question at a time, and only yes or no. It helps them use their communication, imagination and knowledge skills.


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        These are great ideas! Thanks! I knew there were creative minds here.


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          I recently played that one Granny

          I went to a SINGLES picnic and they put cartoon & movie character pictures on our backs.... Oh my, I had never heard of the one that was put on my back. It was some new mighty hero! I don't even remember it now! It was fun though because some had charactors like BETTY BOOB, Garfield, Batman, Darth Vador etc.

          Another game was NAME THAT TUNE. We were put into 6 groups and we were teams. Different songs were played and points were given to the group that named the tune and also to the group that named the artist. The songs were played for about 4 or 5 seconds. The person that planned it had about 25 or 30 parts of songs on a tape rather than switching a bunch of CD's etc. on and off the player. ALSO, the songs were in many time frames like the curren day back. Most were older.

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            Thanks so much. I really like the name on their backs idea. I think that will be perfect for them. I have a meeting tonight and will mention all these ideas. Thanks for all your help.