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    Hello Granny, I haven't met you before as I am only new here, but just wanted to say sorry to hear about your rough year. But looking forward to seeing you around the forums a bit if you have time!


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      Wench.. I'd like you to meet Granny... Granny this is another one of your sisters.. meet Kaye!
      Love you Estee.. we ARE family


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        Originally posted by *eng* View Post
        Not around much these days either, family must come first, take care of yourself and your lovely family xxx
        O Eng its so nice to hear from you too.. I miss all the
        originals"that have "disappeared" but we do know its circumstances... and Family definately has to come before Scrapping. Hope we see you back here soon too


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          Helloo Estee!!


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            Granny, you have been missed but never forgotten. I am sorry to hear of your Brother's passing and the woes with your Mother and yourself. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I'm still here to help you with whatever you may need whenever you are ready.

            All my love,

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              okay I wrote a huge reply to this thread and for some reason it didn't post so in short Granny sorry to here you had such a tough are in my prayers and glad to see you back you are very loved on here

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                Wow, you're all so wonderful. Thank you so much for your wonderful suppport. Monday night we had to take mom back to emergency. She was very septic, and almost died. It was so horrible seeing her wearing the same breathing mask my brother had on for three weeks. But she pulled through rather quickly. She is one tuft banana. I was able to stay with her, they got me a little bed to put in her room. We came home Thursday. That's why I dissapeared again. Well, I'm almost falling off my chair, I'm so tired. I'll try really heard to stay tuned.

                Wench... It's a pleasure to meet you my sister. Looking forward to giving you a hugh hug someday soon.

                Thank you all for your kindness. Lots of love...


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                  O Estee, I feel for you. It must be so hard. I know how much you love your mum. It brought back memories of how my dad used to be rushed off to hospital with Emphasema and the distress of watching him suffer. We know this is not God's time for healing mankind... that will come in the future Paradise.. but I pray in the mean time he will help you cope and will comfort and strengthen you both. Love you lots. PLease give mum a kiss from her sister in Australia