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My mum broke her hip!

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    Hi Carena

    So sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she is safely home with you and feeling a little more comfortable.

    FS xx
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      Yes, she is home. Basically I'm in full home nursing mode. She can walk with walking frame to bedroom, toilet and lounge. Everything else, I'm doing right now. Assisting, cooking, cleaning, fetch and carry etc etc. Mum hates feeling so useless but it's just a short time - a matter of some weeks till she is better. In mean time we have someone coming to assist with showering until 12th August. That will be good.
      Currently we are in school holidays - so I'm trying to get Caitlyn out and about with other people so she isn't stuck at home all the time. Today, I paid for her to go to horse riding school for 6 hours. She loved it. Lucky they pick up and drop off nearby so it was easy to get her there as I won't leave mum alone for more than just a 10 or 20 minutes.
      Tomorrow, Caitlyn is going with a friend for a 1/2 day of fun out and about somewhere. LOL.
      Kind wishes from Carena
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        Glad to here your mum is doing well. I hope recovery will be quick.


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          Prayers for your mum, for a quick recovery

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