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Challenge Questions ~ Needing your opinion

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  • Challenge Questions ~ Needing your opinion

    Ok, as I said in my challenge thread earlier, I need some opinions....I spend a lot of time making these challenge flairs, and was wondering if it is still worth it? I will continue to do it if the percentage of you want problem...but I see many of you with maybe one in your signature out of 50 some that I made....Here is a link to answer these questions secretly, or answer them in this thread...k? This helps you more then it helps me...Thank you so much....

    1. Keep the Flairs

    2. Get rid of the Flairs and just offer a little freebie once in awhile...

    3. I will keep track of how many you participate in one month, you will get a cute little punch ticket to keep track of yourself as well, and then I will have a super dooper freebie depending on how many you participated in a month....
    4. Any suggestions?
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    Michelle I do not add them to my siggi sometimes it's just to much and when you make them smaller you can't see what they are for. I do however love getting them. I have a folder specially for them so remind me of the things I have accomplished. I might just one day make a book of each page I did in that challenge with the button to prove that i had done it. Maybe put the challegne as text..


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      I love them but could never figure out how to put them up just love all your challenges though hugs fonzzy


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        Hi Michelle, my opinion is, yes they are cute and I did start using them, however like Fonzzy I forgot how to add them, every single time lol so half the time I would just go pfffft don't worry about it.

        I feel like there are too many on the page, imagine if evryone put them all up!

        I think something that is useful for scrapbooking would be more justified, what about say for instance you would provide a portion of a kit every challenge, like 2 embies 1 week, a BG paper the next so by the end of a portion of time you would have a beautiful kit.

        imagine how many would constantly partake of the challenge.

        The only way you could get each piece would be to do the challenge, but maybe not limit the challnge to 1 week, but perhaps for 1 month, this would allow for vacation, sickness etc. So you could have about 4 challenges overlapping at any given time.

        That's one suggestion :-)

        I personally love challenges and I await every week for yours lol


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          They are cute, but I too forget to add them.

          They do make our threads long, but colorful

          I Love the challenges. Seeing how everyone gets the same instructions, but we all come up with something different.

          Keep or Not to Keep???? It don't matter to me as long as we all still have fun making our Art and enjoying helping one another.


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            I only use the ones that I feel are appropriate for me. Liked making a short sentence with them. Also have a hard time keeping up with weekly challenges so don't get them all. They are cute though.

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              I like getting the Flairs.
              I was adding them but then Photobucket changed and I was having problems adding them.
              I like Kaye's idea if awarding a part of kit for each challenge completed so that at the end of the month there will be a complete kit. Or as I have seen on another site, all of the challenges are listed and when you particupate in one you add that to your list then at the end of the month you receive a freebie.
              Either way I just love the challenges because we learn so much and get new ideas from each other.
              Keep up the great work ladies!