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Hey Everyone, Did you miss me?

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  • Hey Everyone, Did you miss me?

    Hi all my dear friends... I know its been awhile since I have taken part in the community, but it has been rough... I am going to start my challenges again... So I hope your ready for some fun and freebies... I will be posting an important post in the Favorite Places thread, please pop over there and read it...thanks....

    To make a long, boring short.... I have had issues with my amputated leg, my other leg is doing pretty good since the byoass, my youngest is serving time in jail, my Dialysis treatments are doing good but I have issues from time to time with the site they use and I am going blind in one there you have it in a nutshell... lol....

    But like I have always said, I am still blessed to wake up every morning....
    Wanted to let you all know I am back, and if there is anything I need to know to catch up on, please let me know....thanks a million....missed ya all!!! ((HUGS))
    I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!

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    Nice to see you back Michelle, yep your challenges have been missed, it's good to hear you will be hosting some again. Looking forward to it.
    Take care of you!


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      Welcome back Michelle

      It will be nice to have your challenges again. You have a great and positive attitude!


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        Welcome back Michelle! You sure do beat all. I've heard say God never throws you more than you can handle, but man, I sure hope you catch a break some time soon!! You have a great outlook on life!
        Looking forward to your challenges.


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          Welcome Back Michelle!! Hugs!!


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            Welcome back Michelle. Glad to hear you will be posting again, missed you.