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    Hey All,

    I have had a Wild Week.

    Monday evening Dad got kicked in belly by a horse. Thank God my sister was at their house (I had done left).He was fighting not wanting to go to ER, so my sister called me. She knew I would load Dad up. When I got there he was covered in sweat and very pale, I told him he was going Period. My and my sister stood him up and he melted and started having seizers (Never had them ever before). I called 911 and by time they got to the house Dad was in bad shape and seizures was close together. We got him in ambulance and they was trying to get him stablized, before transporting. They saw real quick they needed helicopter. So they met the chopper down the road a bit.
    My sister, Mom, and I drove to Houston Scared to death!!! When we got to Hopsital, they told us he was in Cat Scan and they would call us in about an hour or so. After about hour and half I went to desk and the lady walked to back where he would be. When she came back she said he is in Emergency surgery. My Heart started beating so fast I couldn't breathe. All I could think about was his Liver problems.

    5 hours later the Poor Doctor came out to waiting room and told us Dad's Heart rate had fell so low they had to stablize him and do Emergency surgery. The cat scan showed belly was full of blood and stuff. He started explaining what they found and the fixes. The large intestines had ruptured, more like exploded!! They removed 4' and reattached the good parts. They was worried about more bleeding from all the other nicks and ruptures, they did give him blood to get his heart rate back up.

    He has been in ICU since about 3:30am Tues morning. They did move him to a room today. He is so upset, because he has worked so hard to recover from the liver failure and now this.

    How did the Lord Bless us so far with this issue?
    1. The horse Kicked him on the left side, below the ribs. Liver was protected
    2. My Sister was there to act fast... they said if we wouldn't have acted when we did the outcome could be a lot different
    3. The Lord guided a very talented, attention to detail doctor to work that night
    4. Dad hurts bad and it will take a while to recover, but with the Good Lord watching Over him, He will be another testamony to the Powers of Our Good Lord again!!

    Please say a few Prayers for Dad. He needs Patience, Healing, and Peace to relax and not rush the healing process.

    (I am learning to operate on about 4 hours of sleep)

    Thanks and Hugs!!! (I am keeping up with Ya'lls LOs on Ipod )

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    My heart goes out to you! This must be very hard on all of you. I am very glad that this have been good for you. I will keep your family in my prayers.


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      Wow Kimmy, your poor Dad has been through a lot lately.

      Really hope he recovers well from this, and my thoughts are with you and your family that you are able to cope through all this!

      keep us updated when you can!!


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        Prayers up and running for you and your Dad Hugs fonzzy


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          Oh Kimmyann, I am sad and devastated for you and your Family. You have already been through so much.
          Keep strong and positive my Friend. If you need anything I am here for you as you have been for me.
          Tell Daddy Teaxas we are all rooting for him and pray he has a full speedy recovery.
          You are in my thought's and I send you all my Love and prayers.

          Remember to take care of you too....x


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            Prayers going up for dad and the rest of your family.


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              My prayers are going up for you and your family! You are right, he is a living testimony to what God can bring you to and through.
              Keep praying and take care of yourself too!


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                Thanks Ladies, If I could I would Hug Each of you!!!

                I went to doctor today, because my allergies are killing me!! They have air fresheners at hopitals and it make my eyes water, nose run, and head clog up. I am getting not just 1 ear infection, but 2!! OMG!! Both ears feel like I have bugs in them. The doctor said it was from my allergies.

                I went to Hospital to check on Dad and they had got him up in a chair for a hour and half and he was wore out. He did say he felt better today than he did yesterday. So that is Good They will be doing a Cat Scan this afternoon to verify everything is good inside him and no leaks or bleeding. He told me to go get my medicine filled and go to bed. He said I look like I should be in the bed next to him!!

                He keeps saying he just got over the Liver stuff from last year and now this!! I told him it was just trials of Life Daddy!! The Lord will bring you through it as long as you do your Part!!

                I am fixing to go to bed - 4:36pm Texas time


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                  Adding my thoughts and prayers as well.
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                    Thanks Linda!!
                    Update.... Dad had Emergency surgery early this morning to verify no leakage or bleeding because his vitals started dropping. They are thinking infection is trying to start. He is back in ICU. Will pop in when I can. I am not leaving him up here. That drive to Houston not knowing whats going on is not nice.


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                      Kimmyann - you dad is one very stubborn man it seems. That fact that he is so tuff is probably the very reason you managed to get him to hospital alive. Wishing you all the best and think of you and your family. Hope things keep improving and a speedy recovery.
                      Kind wishes from Carena
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                        Thanks Carena and Everyone for the Prayers!!!

                        What a Week!! We have had ups and down. New things popping up!!

                        Dad is really doing well for all this stuff he has went through the last 7 days. Yesterday the xray showed something in the lower right lung, so they did a cat scan to make sure pnumonia wasn't trying to start. The cat scan showed something also, so this morning the went into lung to vacuum out the fluid. Glad to report is was mucus build up. He has had all the tubes in his nose and hasn't been able to cough to clear it all out. They are still going to keep eye on it, just to try to prevent it from turning into pnumonia.

                        They have worked hard to try to wake up his intestines from the trauma, and I am glad to say they are finally working. He also got to eat and drink today. He hasn't really ate since before accident. They let him have some food tue of last week(ice cream, cokes), but it would make him sick, so he refused to eat anymore.

                        I can promise ya'll this. At a Trauma hospital you can see the Lord working all around you and it makes you feel so Blessed. Makes you step back and see the troubles you have in life are really not troubles, compared to what other people are going through.

                        I Thank all of you My SBM Family for all your thoughts and Prayers. I will give you more updates when I can.


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                          Hey Guys Wanted to Let Ya'll Know DADDY is HOME!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!

                          They sent him home today. They didn't sew his belly up either. They want it to heal from the inside out. He is really doing awesome, for what he has been through.

                          Knee Mail Works!!!


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                            Fantastic news Kimmy!!!

                            He is tough as old boots your dad!


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                              Brilliant News Kimmyann. I'm so happy your Dad is getting better and he is home, MWAH from me!