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Hey everyone! Remember me? LOL

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  • Hey everyone! Remember me? LOL

    Hi everyone.... I apologize for the silence...I hope everyone is doing well...I have been through the ringer and back...and still suffering...but I have decided to fight thru it all and get back into what I love to do just to keep my mind off it all....
    My medical stuff is getting so bad...since august I have been in and out of the hospital so many times i cant even count them anymore...but i have to have my fistula ballooned every 10 weeks due to the vein closing up...which is torture...soon i go in to have a graft put in that area in hopes it stays open longer...when they put the needles in for dialysis i am in tears it hurts so bad....and i.m pretty good with pain...
    Then the bottom part of my amputated leg was getting ice cold, so just last week i went in for my normal fistulagram and they ballooned it open again, and also went in to take pictures of the veins in my stump i had a huge blockage in my stomach which they stented and then had to balloon an area in the lower part of my amputated leg to get more blood flow or i would have lost more of that leg....i also had some weird skin thing on my face...and i am vomiting al the time for no reason...went to have a GI scope done and they had to stretch out my throat and lower stomach area because my food isn't digesting fast now i have reflux esophagitis and they added like 5 more pills to my long list already...ugh....i'm still dealing with my eye issue and so far there is no change...doc says it won't be long and i will be blind in that eye...but even after all this,I;m feeling better..
    Then as my bad enough, my luck follows me....On Dec 18th my honey proposed, and I was so happy,,,,U thought, "finally something was going right in my life"....but that as well was crashed to the ground when I found out that I would lose ALOT of my medical insurance if we got married cause he makes too much money...Seriously? The one thing I thought I had control over to be happy....well not this time basically I have this black cloud over me and it is not leaving anytime soon...

    I complained basically wanted to say i was back and if I need to catch up on anything, please let me know...thanks...<Love and Hugs> Michelle.
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    Wow Michelle, You are a fighter! God is not through with you yet, you will make it through and you and your honey will be happy. We have really missed you around here. Can't wait to see what challenges you are gonna come up with.


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      YEAHHHHHHH! Michelle! My goodness gracious what you have been through! You are VERY MISSED!

      All the beautiful flairs for your challenges show up with comments and I is our Michelle?

      Thank you for breaking the silence!

      Hop on in! It is GHOSTLY here!

      HUGGLES!! donna


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        Donna!!! OMG have you been? How is your family doing....? I sure have missed you hun....Same for you Letha....I am just waiting for the boss to email me and let me know what I can do...<wink> It is ice to be back... xoxoxo
        I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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          I took off for a few years and Fiona always let me know how things were going..

          Went to Massage Therapy School..Valedictorian of my class! had to be to have any hope of getting a job at my age! LOL Thai massage is my specialty..

          Then spent 6 months caring for my brother in law as he was dying from brain cancer..bless him!

          Then...had to come back to Charlotte and fix up the house to lonesome..
          so I'm back on Max...and not much work is getting done on the house! LOL...having too much fun playing again!

          But hey! You and your hunny!!! Oh..the horrors of insurance and it's only getting worse! So happy he is still with you!

          You are SOOO MISSED! I LOVE seeing all your flairs on everyone's signatures!



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            O Michelle!!! You are Very Strong!! The Lord has Plans for you and Happiness will Come Your Way!!! Sorry your going through all these Medical issues!! I am glad to see you back, it has Been Quite around here!!

            Hugs Dear!!


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              In my prayers Michelle lots of HUGS fonzzy


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                You know I am a person of few words, so I will just say "Glad to have you back!"


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                  Thanks to all of you.....i amslowly getting back into sure has been
                  Kimmy....R u saying that im a loud mouth? LMBO!
                  I love the sweet welcome wishes....and i will keep fighting until i just can't job lately has been inspiring if i can make a difference in someone's life, i u all! xoxo
                  I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                    No Ma'am, Not a Loud Mouth!!! You have always Cheered things up around Here, by making comments!!! We have a lot of Lurkers and Not Joiners now Days!! Big Hugs!!


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                      Wow Michelle, I will pray for a better 2014. It is good to hear from you!