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    Originally posted by Kimmyann View Post
    Well Glad to See Some Folks!!!

    I was beginning to wonder if everyone moved away from SBMville and Didn't say Good Bye!!

    Hellloooooo Letha!!! Big Hugs!!!

    If I could do challenges I would
    Why not ask Karin if you can get permission to do challenges?
    AND Maybe you should start up another new town and see who moves in - it could be a small country town Called Max County .... I bars being the Sheriff of max County.
    Remember when Granny was here..... how I miss that woman, and the hard time she gave me LOL


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      Originally posted by tin tin View Post
      I miss challenges. I find that is what keeps me coming back, and truth be told I am always disappointed when I do not se any challenges! Where did they go!
      I am not sure how to get people back here aside from challenges.
      Challenges were excellent... I know Kaye is just unable to do them at the moment .... so anyone willing to try could ask Karin about it?


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        Just thinking??????
        I dont have time to do challenges at the moment but you mentioned something is needed to keep people coming back to the forum...
        My next release I might offer a prize of 3 new FREE KITS to ones willing to make pages with any of my kits (even older ones they have from the past?)If they post them in look at my layout or something I will send them download link to the free kits prize?? I dont know if thats an idea or not???? Any feedback?


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          We had a lot of fun in Scrapville! I was the local headshrinker. You guys all paid for my pretend yacht. Rosanna still calls me Dr Marion.


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            How much Do you charge an hour?


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              My services don't come cheap Deanne. I have a (pretend) yacht to pay for


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                LOL.... Great Idea Deanne!! I Like the sound of Max County I want to have a Flower shop in Max County???

                Yes Granny needed Marion bad and I remember Dr. Marion Yacht!!... I remember something about Granny's dirty mattress that Michelle took away from her

                I had a Veggie stand at scrapsville!! I couldn't wait to get home from work back then, to see what Granny was up too I would read and Laugh....

                I asked Karin for Permission, but didn't get a response


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                  Karin might be busy... she will respond I guarantee..with a yes or no.. but she will answer you - she is so lovely she would not ignore you! ( I might But she wouldnt LOL)

                  Well then I didnt live in Scrapville so where ( what thread) did you use.. go ahead and move to Max County and The Sheriff will come and after I harrass you , you'll all need Dr Marion's services.

                  And hey Doc... It all began when I was a little girl and my mother told me to stick my head in abucket 3 times and pull it out twice..... Help me get over it Doctor


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                    Ok Girls I did it... I o pened a thread called : Why not Move into Max County ( in the NSBR section)
                    I have moved into the toen and I am the Law Officer.. so no speeding! If someone moves in great! If No-one else moves into town I'm selling up and moving to the city where theres lots of crime to keep me busy... No point of being a sherfiff in a ghost town.


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                      What is the point of doing all the hard work to create a challenge and only a handful's disheatening, I don't understand why admin doesn't get the designers involved in this, surely there are some who are willing. Obviously not all have the time, but it has to come from the top.

                      I am going to look at maxville...or whatever it was called lol


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                        it is also true though that on half dozen or so regulars join in the challenges.... Maybe admin could offer more prizes to get others involved... we have countless visitors to the site but theyre all slent observers... what incentives could Scrapbook Max admin offer to make the challenges work...


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                          It's true incentives are needed, like keeping a thread that has the challenges and if you have done them, like a personal running total, if you complete say 5 you get 1.00 off in store if you complete 10 you can get 2.00 of in store etc.

                          Also competitions that have mini kits to make LO's
                          A monthly designer gets anyone to use her kits and a random winner wins a free kit from her sote

                          But there has to be at least 10 challenges a month to get people back.

                          I personally go elsewhere to do challenges, why?? I think the answer is obvious.

                          peoiple love doing challenges, it helps them grow scrapping wise, you learn new tequniques, styles etc and you get to use your kits. How often do we want to use a new kit and just can't think what to do with it...oh i know I will make something for a challenge!!

                          Again, admin have to get onto this and organize it!! or at least explain why they don't.

                          I would be happy to do challenges if at least 9 others were willing to as well, and if at least people were coming in to do them. it obviously will take some time to gain the participants, but I wholeheartedly believe it would work.


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                            I agree with you guys, but I think we had this same discussion a few months ago. I would be willing to host a challenge if that would help. 8 more?


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                              I am sure Sandrine will host 1 a month and perhaps carena, which is 4 of us so just 6 more.

                              We could also have guest Designer challenges


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                                I'll try but I AM NOT GOOD at this challenge thing..really not!
                                Not sure if I can do 1 a month every month - or feel inclined to?

                                Maybe some sort of incentive for Designers or CT girls to do a challenge would be good. It takes a lot of time and effort doesnt it.. and its ScrapbookMax that reaps the rewards by keeping the site alive. How about a photobook voucher or something...
                                How do we get Karins Attention to have a read of this thread.. she may not frequent the NSBR thread??