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    Originally posted by wench View Post
    Yes spot on Deanne, i would love to see other forum users comments here too,.... to make this a better site the members need to tell admin why we want it a better, more user friendly site,
    PLease folks have your say... now's your chance to have your say on this... Admin here are very good at listening...


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      I agree with all that has been said:
      Customers need to see a better view of kits In the store
      Every designer that puts kit in store must be involved in challenges (great way to show off new kits too)
      Admin should be involved to get Lurkers and Regulars involved
      More involvement from designers and CTs will increase traffic to site increasing sales?

      My opinion about challenges
      I buy kits too, I have tons .... But in the last year I have been going to other scrap site because of challenges. Challenges help me to scrap more of my pictures because their is a reason besides I want too!! It helps keep me going sometimes because my creativity might be lacking

      I think a 10% off store purchase for completing a certain number of challenges is pretty cool and hey I am going to save money while I spend money no matter what economy is doing. My hobby is important to me!!

      Designers could make a mini kit that matches their big kit as a give away for challenges which let's people get a feel for the big kit in store (this makes me want the rest of it)

      We have a strong base at this site with a few of the designers and their CTs - Deanne, Sandrine, Carena - Kaye, Marion, Letha, Donna, Me, and don't forget Fonzzy Sue!! (Hope I didn't forget someone)

      I have been here since March of 2007 and I have seen a big shift of the regulars and we have all shared the ups and downs of our lives here. We are like a family and that is why when I get home I come to SBM first to check on my peeps (sometimes with disappointment cause no threads to view) then I go to other sites!!

      Why lose what we have here? Why not make this site the best site again?


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        A quick note to say hi and that I am reading this thread. Thanks for all of your great comments about Scrapbook MAX! software and for spreading the word. Thank you for the suggestions about the site - there are some great ideas here.



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          Hey there everyone, I am finally getting a chance to comment
          I totally agree with what has been said. I am not going to say much because it will only be rewording what has already been said.
          I think that the forum really started going down after the Newsletter was taken away. I looked forward to opening up my email and getting the newsletter once a month. It really made me feel proud the couple of times my layout was chosen to be featured. I remember the first time I realized it I went screaming through the house. my family thought I was crazy!
          Maybe we could have a feature designer or a random scrapbooker of the month.
          Maybe we could have a contest (especially for newbies) where we all vote on our favorite page of the week and the winner will get a discount off in the store.
          Kimmy was right about the challenges. It helps me when I think I have a creative "blah" but I have thousands of pictures waiting to be scrapped. They sometimes get my photographic juices flowing too.

          SBM is the ONLY scrapbook software for me! I love using it for all of my graphic needs and I do quite a few things!


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            Agree with all of this. I have been a member almost from the beginning in 2006. That is more then 8 years now. This used to be such a fun place to be! Couldn't wait to get home from work to see what was posted. Laughed out loud at a lot of the comments. We were a real family here. Collected money when one of our members got sick or passed away etc. Not sure what happened, but it is sad to come here to look for new post and sometimes for an entire day or more, there are no new post to read. I agree with the store being hard to shop at. The pictures are too small to get a decent few, the search area leaves a lot to be desired, and sales are few and far in between. I like the challenges that provide a minikit like Carena just did and it did inspire me to buy the rest of her kit at a discount. (Something for other designers to think about) Oh well, I just hope it gets better again. I will keep coming back here because like several of you said, it is still the best scrapbook program out there.


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              thanks Marion..All true..
              Thanks for the mini kit idea.. I should try that-- to make it a habit!
              I still cant see all of these changes happening unless admin appoints someone to focus ENTIRELY on " forum Management" -not administrator to just keep an eye on posts but someone to really collate all the ideas and put them into action - to oversee the orchestration of the things that bring people in and make them loyal to their cyber scrapbook home..I guess you could say Marketing Manager! It does seem that many have gone to other sites simply because it is more fun and inspirational there... I thought it was because digital scrapbooking was dying but NO! it's because THIS SITE is dying. It's just as well the SBMax software is SO GOOD otherwise Max would already be dead.
              ***** Point for Admin to ponder:
              Is the action on the forum really affecting Sales of software and sales in the store?

              I can't comment on software program sales but I do know that my sales are down to half and sometime a quarter of what they were 6-8 years ago. and therefore I mostly can't be bothered with the time and effort... I used to do at least a new kit every single week for years... now?? one a month or less.there is no point when people aren't here.

              If Admin created another position on "staff" for someone to turn that around I believe it would be absolutely worthwhile.
              This is no reflection on Karin, who come to think of it is the ONLY Face we see from admin.. She is the most helpful, tactful, diplomatic and friendly soul around.. but she must have so many other things that she is doing behind the scenes. If admin paid someone say a mere $250 a month , someone capable of organizing and creating and collating fresh ideas and carrying them out here that money would be returned 10 fold... each active designers sales would probably increase by that much a month!!!...
              There are such ones right here on this forum banging their heads against the wall and giving up because they dont have the authority to implement these schemes..admin could negotiate with someone they thought capable and a paypal monthy payment made just like designers payments?
              Anyway I'v had my say and can only hope Admin will discuss this thread and do something?

              P.S. I do notice that every time I come on the site there are 40-50 visitors ... always, every time so what happens to them? SBMax loses them? KEEP them here... they obviously check out the site but dont find it ENTICING enough to become a regular... we can only builld customer loyalty if they love it here.... even if they buy the software they may not bother to come back to the store.
              ADMIN point to ponder #2: Scrapbookmax software is unique the way it works and some people may find it hard to use kits bought from other stores in it.. so 1. they don't like the forum & the store & gallery are not what they could be ( display wise) so WHY would they buy the software if they are regulars at OTHER sites and dont know how to use other kits... WE need them to buy software and KITS from here... we Need them to "LIVE" here
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                I think a 10% off store purchase for completing a certain number of challenges is pretty cool and hey I am going to save money while I spend money no matter what economy is doing. My hobby is important to me!!
                Yes some incentive, even if it's a small one is an incentive

                A quick note to say hi and that I am reading this thread. Thanks for all of your great comments about Scrapbook MAX! software and for spreading the word. Thank you for the suggestions about the site - there are some great ideas here.

                Thanks for listening karin, please, keep us up to date with any improvements.

                Maybe we could have a contest (especially for newbies) where we all vote on our favorite page of the week and the winner will get a discount off in the store.
                great suggestion Letha, perhaps a Gallery Stand Out thread and after the week a poll is put up for members to vote for the outstanding layout of the week....maybe a small prize, or perhaps a blinkie stating "I won LO of the week"



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                  wE POSTED AT THE SAME TIME

                  I agree totally with Deanne, Karin you have always been helpful, the ONLY one seen here as Deane said, so I am sure you can't do it all, but a forum moderstor/ideas person IS what is needed to get the place shakin again!

                  I think it has all just about been said now, so I will

                  we all wait in anticipation....

                  Oh....another thing hehe, Forget facebook, scrapbook max is here on this site, why draw members to a facebook site anyway, I am sure all designers have their facebook pages to advertise their goods, yes it is good in advertising sales and even having facebook hops or soemthing...I have no idea I am not on it.


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                    While we are at it, the gallery needs attentions too, I am just trying to look at the last days layouts and I can't do it! So maybe it can be done....but I can't find it.

                    WE need something that says last 1 day, last 7 days, so they all come up.


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                      thats what I meant before when I said how I love aimlessly browsing through galleries on other sites ... page after page row after row just looking for inspiration... Here it's a dead end after "most popular, most recent ect... we NEED to inspire people. They need to be able to go for " a Walk through endless pages" if they want to.....I really think thats why they dont post their pages here.. they disappear in a day or 2... gone into oblivion


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                        funny thing is when I went into the gallery before i saw some familiar names, from other sites......but not in the forum, when I know they are active in other forums.....what does that say?? I would love to see some of them comment in here and tell us why, so if you are looking at this thread and there is a reason why you don't post, please tell us why.


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                          I agree with all I to miss the news letter Letha and I liked the Groove challenge at least their was something to look forward to once a month Thank you Deanne ,Kaye ,Kimmyanne ,Carena,Marion for your great challenges I miss Michelle Wolvesy how is she, and Fiona dose anyone know what happened to them Hugs fonzzy sue


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                            No sorry I dont know...about Wolvsie and Fiona.
                            talking about the Groove newsletter must be a lot of extra hard work for Karin....If Admin had a Marketing Manager that could be her job too... to edit the Groove ??? and have it regularly.
                            I just got a newsletter from Go Digital.. and I get one EVERY WEEK.
                            Its never full of a lot of editorial stuff but loaded with images.. and other newsletters I get always have ( as Kaye mentioned) not only new kits but beautiful inspiration to buy it in the form of showing all the CT girls layouts in the newsletters....


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                              yes a marketing/forum manager is definately needed here, one to bring out a weely newsletter showcasing new kits with CT inspirations.

                              How many designers are actually active on this site?? I see a lot of names in the store but not sure how many are active, I am going to go and check!

                              And I am going to have a new challenge later on as well for everyone!


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                                Funny how this thread stated out in the NSBR area but has become very much scrapbook related LOL
                                I have just done a goole search for digital scrapbook stores online and Scrapbookmax is NOT even on the first 4 pages that come up any more... it used to be right up there in rankings
                                and I typed in Digital Scrapbook Kits.... first 2 pages -SBMax no where in sight

                                Point for Admin to ponder: another reason to get the forum more active is the more hits you by get people returning to make posts on the forum the higher your google search engine rating..Isnt that right?Action, movement, HITS are good!
                                I mean this thread since yesterday has had
                                Replies: 58
                                Views: 477
                                at least its not a ghost town in this thread LOL
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