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  • Tortoises

    Does anyone on here keep tortoises. I have 10 Hermanns. Tortoises..... Ranging from 80yrs to 3 years, and hatched 12 babes earlier in the year.
    They live outside but hibernate between October to March in their outdoor homes. They are my passion. X x x hugs x x x

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    I used to have a painted turtle, but never a tortoise.....Do you have a photo you can post here of them? I would love to see....<wink>
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      I have a few pictures on the 'shape' challenge set by Kimmyann. I will post some others later.
      Six have already hibernated, so I won't be seeing them much before March next year, but the babes are still racing around in an indoor enclosure. When they were hatched they were perfect mini specimens of their parents. They were the size do a milk bottle top and weighed around 14grams x x x xhugs x x x