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Good Morning Everyone

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  • Good Morning Everyone

    Just wanted to say good morning to everyone..hope you all have great days
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    Thank you and good morning to you too. Hope you have a great day.
    happy scrappin

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      Happy Friday all. **** this scrapping site! I have sooo much to do today, we have trick or treat nite tonight. And here I sit in front of my computer. I am sooo addicted. This morning I woke up thinking about poppabob, hoping everything is ok, I'm not sure where in the world he is, but suppose he's somewhere where there is a fire brewing or heavy snowstorms and he can't get to his computer. I sure Hope he's ok! Just goes to show these people you never met before, how important & special they become. Well I got to get to the store for candy for tonight! Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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        Morning all you scrap happy people. I just came to see whose all posted on the forum. I love this site! Think I spend the majority of my day here. I have my max program open so as soon as I come up with something, I can show it off. Sure miss Poppabobs posts! Hope he comes back soon.

        Wow, halloween tonight??? Get lots-o-candy, dont disappoint those kids! Send me a candy bar while your at it. Have fun, hope you dont get tricked alot.

        Have a great day everyone. Im staying indoors, its raining.



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          well I see I'm not the only early bird around here.I've been up designing embellishments for several hours already.....Time for more coffee..........LOL

          Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


          Bobby Bear
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