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  • Set your clocks back

    Just a reminder to everyone in the U.S. that the time changes tonight and you need to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed. Just think, an extra hour of sleep tonight. Well, not everyone gets the extra hour....Granny has to stay up to watch the clock and set hers at exactly
    2 AM! Oh, and Steve has to stay up to watch Granny to be sure she doesn't mess up!

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    We don't set our clocks back in Arizona (or a couple of parts of Indiana)
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      Yea for Arizona!

      This is our first winter in AZ, Steve, and it's great not to have to worry about setting the clocks back an hour! Do you know why AZ, HI and a little part of IN are the only states that don't have Daylight Savings Time? In fact, I think I read in the paper today that Indiana was going to have DST finally.


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        Here in Rome we set it too, one hour back! my girls woke up today at 06:30 with the new hour ...
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          Time Changes

          I sure wish Alabama would follow AZ and not change the time..and thanks Linda for reminding us..
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            forward for australia.
            Except im in Perth, WA so i dont need to change it


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              I hate this. I don't remember how to change the clock on my stove, and in the car. So I'll spend the next couple days asking myself...What time is it Really! LOL


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                How to drive someone crazy!

                This is the first time in forever that we haven't had to worry about changing our clocks. I never did figure out how to change my clock in my car and it drove my poor husband crazy! LOL I'd just tell him to subtract an hour!


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                  I hate putting the clocks back. I hate the dark it's so miserable and depressing. Going to be dark an hour earlier tonight. Roll on Spring.
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                    Im in southern Indiana and for 34 yrs, my county didnt change our clocks. Now starting this morning, we had to. Its really screwed up around here. My hubby works in a different county so their time is an hour ahead. You go less than a mile up the road your in a new county and they are an hour ahead. I hate this time change stuff, we went from Eastern to Central time and now we are on Standard from what everyone says. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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                      A little appreciation for this topic

                      My parents live in AZ and I have a brother in California, and I'm in TX. My brother and I are always one hour apart in time but for half a year, he and my parents are on the same time zone(Summers) and the other half a year (Winters), my parents and I are on the same time. I love it when the folks and are are on the same time zone, which started today.

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                        I guess I don't think about it much, I just change all my clocks and go on with life. Somethings just aren't worth getting excited about.



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                          We moved our clocks forward in Oz & lost an hour,the day went so quickly, plus I forgot to fix the clocks the night before so was shocked to find we were actually an hour late when we woke LOL,we usually do it Sundays,this year was a Saturday.Don't you love it when you turn on the computer & your clock has already been adjusted, amazing!