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Carbonara Pasta!!!

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  • Carbonara Pasta!!!

    Well , since days i want to share with you the recipt of the carbonara pasta, is a roman dish, and no nofat dish, so for today no diet for who do it!

    1.- fried bacon, in little pices, from one slide cut it in vertical, in a little spoon of oil if you have the olive one is better! leave it in ( i use one slide for two persons)
    2.- in a bowl mix the eggs, $one for each person, with the parmesan cheese, one soap spoon for each person, salt and pepper, no to much, because the bacon and parmesan have enought satl
    3.- mean time put the pan for the pasta ! i prefer to use the spaghetti, when the pasta is cooked throw all the water and return it to the pan, put the bacon with his oil, mix and then put the eggs with the cheese, mis very well, until the egg is cooked and its done! some people put the pasta cooked in the pan were fried the bacon and is ok too, in that way you use very well the oil of the bacon

    I dont know if i was clear, hope you can do it and enjoy this fantastic dish i neer ate this one, in my country , now i love it but we prepare it once each two weeks because bacon, egg, parmesan is little heavy to eat always,
    Enjoy it and if you have some question just let me know i will be happy to help you!
    Buon appetito!
    Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!

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    I'm so sorry about the soap spoon!!!!!! i mean one spoon, normal one, not little spoon, the soup or broth spoon )
    normally is a single dish but sometimes we prepare a vegetable salad and some cheese like second dish!
    Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!