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    Hey designers -

    I have a friend who has her own business for graphic design, and of course she has been using a mac for YEARS. She has a pretty great new job opportunity involving her church - they will GIVE her the programs she needs to do the job, but they are PC based. Since she does not want to spend the $$$$$$ to buy the programs for mac, she's contemplating switching her whole work station to PC - but as most mac users are, she's skeptical of PC. I've assured her that pc's have come a long way in the past 20 years, but I'd also like to give her some extra input.

    So I'm just curious, how many of you work on a MAC and how many work on a PC??

    Thanks for your input!


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    I have PC,, I have never tried a Mac. so I cannot compare,,But I LOVe My Pc


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      My daughters music teacher uses a Mac because he says they are better for business, that's his only reason.
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        I've always had a PC and always had one at work. I think I worked briefly on a Mac years ago. People in graphics always say that Macs are best for graphics.


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          I do all my work on pcs. I use it not only for graphics but also for accounting and many other things. Although Macs have always been known for better graphics, I think most people, including designers, can do quite well with pcs.

          I would definetely make the switch.

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            I've been using a PC since 1987...tried a Mac once, ummm, I'll keep it to myself, LOL! Have had my own home-based web development business since 1996 -- always been on a PC, always will be on a PC. My current PC is a HP Compaq Presario, excellent machine, works well with all my graphics and other web development programs/software. Never any problems. I do ALL my web development work, my household work, and my play stuff on this PC and I love it. And it's working out excellently with my Scrapbook Max software.

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              Used both for many years, but I'm partial to a PC, just for cost reasons. Hardware cost less, more processing power , more software available, largest market share for development (you would not believe what a pain it is, used to be to develop an app to work on both!)

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                Originally posted by srussell View Post
                I am your father.
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                  Thanks for all of the great input, my friends! Keep it coming!