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Windows Bubbles Q.

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  • Windows Bubbles Q.

    I don't know about you, but I am always frustrated when those little bubbles appear over my icon tray (bottom right of screen) and in one of my computer magazines I found this tip (see attachment) but for the life of me I don't know how to go about applying it.

    Do I have to type the words after 'Under' (8th line) somewhere or do I have to find the area in my windows registry (double dutch to me!!!!)

    Can anyone help PLEASE.....

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    forgot the attachment.....
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      OOh Mary I daren't do things like that...the registry is' no no' land to me. I would get someone else to do it, then if it went wrong I can blame them lol!
      Seriously, you understand techie stuff I think. I'll leave you and the techies to it lol.
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        Looks like I'm not going to get anywhere on this one............
        I was so hoping that maybe one of the resident "geeks" would be able to help out LOL...

        DESMOND maybe????????????????


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          Hi Mary...

          I'm not one of the gurus, but here go my two cents....

          Those bubbles are usually helpful. They are trying to tell you something about your system you need to give attention to. Even if they are annoying, don't go in the registry unless you know what you are doing, and if you trust what you are being told. Those bubbles are not nearly as annoing as the problem you will have if you mess with the registry.

          Trust me on this one. Oh, and the reason they tell you to back up the registry first, is because even the ones that know what they are doing can mess up royally. And no, you do not type that stuff, that is where you have to go to make the changes.

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            Granny is so right I tied that one time trying to get some spyware off my computer ended up having to do a complete reformat so if the word registry comes up I run !!!!
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              One easy way to get rid of those pop up balloons, is to get yourself a copy of Microsofts own powertoys for Windows.
              (available freely from MS, but check that you get the version that suits your own MS Windows).
              One of these "toys" is Tweakui, which has a button to click to turn off those pop ups, (and a lot more that you can choose from too).


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                Many thanks for the replies & maybe you're right ~~ I should just leave well alone as this is a new laptop & I would kick myself if I created a brand new problem.

                Have a good weekend ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!