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    I am new to scrapbooking
    Is there a good video to view how to make a complete themed template?

    What is the best site for finding nice themed templates

    what is the difference between background image and an embellishment

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    Hi there! Let's see if I can help:

    1. Tutorial Video

    Well, it's not specifically about templates, but there are two videos that offer a nice "walk through" of the features in Scrapbook MAX! and how to use them. Click here to get to the video tutorial page.

    Other resources: check out the following thread for an explanation on making templates:

    And you can also read about making templates in the User's Guide which you can view by clicking on Help > Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide in the SBM menu, OR read it online at - Chapter 4 talks about making templates in the section called Scrapbook Themes: Create your own scrapbook themes.

    2. I am biased because I think that one of the best places to find themed templates is right here! Go to the Sharing Corner for free embellishments and templates, or to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store to purchase templates from our top-notch, talented designers.

    The great thing about SBM is that it is also compatible with just about any digital kit that you can find on the internet. Maybe some other folks have specific suggestions...?

    3. A background image automatically fills your entire page and cannot be moved around, resized, or made more transparent. You find backgrounds by going to Page> Settings and then choosing a Background Image or color.

    Embellishments are kind of like "stickers". You find them under Object > Embellishment or by clicking on the heart shaped icon in the toolbar. Once you choose an embellishment, you can put it anywhere on your page, move it around, resize it, rotate it, make it more or less transparent, add effects to it, etc.

    Hope this helps! Also, if you have any more questions, the best place to post them is in the Discussion section. This way you can be sure that your questions don't get unintentionally overlooked - the forum that we are chatting in right now is generally designated for Non Scrapbook Related topics.

    Good luck - let us know how it goes!