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    I do love how the new forum is set up. Is there going to be a link to our Scrapbook Max store and the layout gallery? I would like to see our gallery connected to the forum, and a separate link to the store.
    Last edited by SBM Diane; 10-24-2016, 03:08 PM.

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    Yes, all of that is coming!

    We are working on a whole new main website for Scrapbook MAX!. However, there are lots of little pieces (like these forums), that need to be updated. So, they have to get rolled out a piece at a time.

    So, we managed to get the new discussion forums going first. This forum software has much better support for images, photo galleries etc, so this is where you should be uploading new images to now.

    When you click on your name to view your profile, you'll also see all the photos you have uploaded to the forums right there on the "Media" tab - and the quality is much improved.

    So, lots of new features to explore, but let us know if something doesn't seem to be working...
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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      Thank you Gracie! I will let you know if I have questions.


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        Gracie, my layouts are not uploaded yet from the old layout gallery. I checked the media tab and there was nothing there. I do not see a place to upload layouts at this time.


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          Hi Diane!

          This is actually brand new forum software, separate from the old software, so you won't see your gallery uploads here. However, you can still visit the old gallery here:

          You can download images from the old gallery, and then re-post here if you wish.

          This software has much-improved personal photo gallery software - you simply click on the camera icon to upload a new photo (in the upper left corner when you are typing a reply or making a new post). Each time you want to post a photo in a thread, you can actually then choose from your personal gallery (i.e. all your uploads). Additionally, other members can click on your profile and see all of the images there.

          Here's a link to the forum software FAQ which has lots of great tips about posting and goes more into depth about all of these things:

          It's got some great, thorough information!



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            Karin, how do you sort the forum threads in date order from oldest date to newest date?


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              Do you see the Filter button at the top right hand corner when you're in a forum? This gives you some options. Have you tried that? Let me know!


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                Originally posted by Karin View Post
                Do you see the Filter button at the top right hand corner when you're in a forum? This gives you some options. Have you tried that? Let me know!
                Yes Karin, I have tried the filter button. It does not give me the option to list things in date order. On my log-in everything is mixed and I can't seem to sort it by date.


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                  Karin, I just found how to sort in account settings. I changed it to posts instead of recent activity. That is funny how I missed that last time when I went into account settings.


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                    Karin, I know we still have our old layout gallery set up. Will Scrapbook Max be putting a new layout gallery here to make it convenient for everyone? I didn't feel the old gallery was as user friendly.


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                      Hi Diane,

                      Please note that the old gallery will only be visible for one more week as we continue to improve our site - after that, the old gallery will be taken down permanently.

                      You can read more here - thanks!: