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For Marion - Words of comfort.

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  • For Marion - Words of comfort.

    I hope you find these words of some comfort as I did a few years ago.
    Sue xx

    sigpic Makeyesup and Marion are my Buddies

    Relax, take it easy and enjoy.

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    Thank you Muma, I loved the layout. The poem and the thought in it was great! Thank you so much for it. I will treasure it!


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      Marion...did you lose your child recently? I am happy i found this NSBR area...but it may be too much for me...with MA's thinking your loss was recent..................I have a genetic depression illness...I am lucky because...though I had the genes since birth they did not manifest until I was diabetes it is easier to treat when you are older...but I really cannot take too much bad news at once, anyway.
      We didn't know where our oldest daughter's illness had come from until i developed the same's not like regular's always there...must be treated constantly...I am doing very well but our daughter can only survive because she gets ECTs whenever she needs one...she is a retired Navy officer...thank goodness...because she can get them whenever...she also takes medication.

      Oh, goodness...I better get busy with something else...but please know that I do understand the pain and wish i could be close enough to give you BIGGG HUGGGS whenever...;o)

      BTW...I have a firm belief that because of some incredible "coincidences" that have benefited our DD's siblings that perhaps our Nancy Clare is doing whatever she can to help them...;o)

      Much love,


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        Well , girls

        Girls all do not know. They had found one gold mine in this community, here the people they are as jewels, Dr. Marion and one of them, I am certain that one day all in the ones in we will find in some place of this world ok

        One great kiss to all.


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          No Nancy, I did not lose a child, My grandman and uncle died both in the same week. My grandma was 92 so for her I am greatful, she is in a better place, but my uncle just turned 60! His wife, my aunt was taking care of her mom, and called home and got no answer, she went home to find him sitting dead on the couch. Very unexpected and very heartbreaking. I guess for me it is so hard to be so far away from home. All my family is overseas in the Netherlands, and it is just sometimes difficult to be not be able to be there and share the grief.
          This is a incredible wonderful and caring forum and everyone is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, or a special prayer request.
          Thanks for asking!


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            I am so happy to hear that it was not a child!!! However, 60 IS young and I cannot even imagine how it must have been for your aunt...just awful!!!

            My DH and I can't imagine life without the other...50 years year engaged while I finished college...we have decided that we will go tiger tracking on foot so we will go together...;o)