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  • News from Bobby Bear!

    Hi gang. I just got a pm from Bobby. He has been sick with pneumonia and is just getting over it. He is retiring in a few weeks since he just turned 62 this month, and has bought a home in Pennsylvania. He is moving there very shortly. He checks the forum, but has been too weak to post.

    I think we need to send him some cards wishing him well, congratulating him on his move, and on his retirement. It was so wonderful to hear from him. I hope he settles down quickly and safely and can come back to his job in Scrapsville. We need him around here!

    He asked me to keep you posted, so I did!!!

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    Thank you Granny. I was just talkin about Bobby the other day as I have not seen him online for awhile. I wish him all the wellness and a speedy recovery,WE MISS YOU BOBBY
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      Oh, takes so long to get your energy back after pnuemonia...;o(
      I hope he has the opportunity to get plenty of rest.


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        Get well soon, Bobby Bear!

        Bobby Bear,

        We do miss you lots here! So sorry to hear you've been sick - we hope you get well very soon!!


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          Cards for Bobby Bear

          For someone who has contributed so much - here's my link:

          Thanks, Bobby Bear!


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            Get well soon Bobby. I always hear good things about you on this forum. Pneumonia is nothing to fool around with-my husband was in the hospital 3 times last year for pneumonia. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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              Is Bobby, In Them It Is Necessary Lack Now Here? Its Work Was Wonderful Maggie I Loved


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                I wondered if you were ok Bobby and so sorry to hear you have been through the mill. You give so much to us.
                Two of our enormously popular friends Mary Ann and Bobby Bear both on the road to recovery thank goodness.
                Take care Bobby and we look forward to your return when you are well enough.

                Thank you Granny for telling us.
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                  You have sure been missed Bobby sorry to hear you have been sick..that pneumonia is terrible just keep on getting better..congratulations on your retirement and your move..hope you have a wonderful future ahead of you..hurry back...
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                    For Bobby Bear

                    Happy to hear from you, Bobby Bear. You have been missed.

                    Wishing you a speedy recovery and many years of enjoyment in your retirement.

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                      OH BB I saw you in here yesterday! I thought maybe you'd be coming back!!! We sure have missed you around here!!!!! Please take care of yourself!!! Congrats on the retirement old man! LOL So you are moving to PA!!! that is were I am from, maybe we will be neighbors!!! LOL Hope your road to recovery is QUICK!!!!

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                        Just moving this thread up again! Can we get some more cards for BB?!


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                          Card for Bobby Bear

                          Hey Bobby Bear, here is a get wel/happy retirement card for you!
                          Hoping to see you back with us soon!



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                            Dear Bobby!
                            My best wishes for you to get well very soon and move to your new house!
                            Good Luck and hope to see you in Scrapsville, wow i like how it sounds, Scrapsville!
                            Again Bobby my best wishes and my prayers with you!

                            pd. chica granny gracias x avisarnos! como siempre GRANDE!
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                              Thanks Granny for filling us in and Thanks Bobby Bear for letting us know you are OK and on the mend! We worry about our regulars when they haven't stopped by in a while!

                              Wishing you a speedy recovery - a relaxing and enjoyable retirement and and UNEVENTFUL move!!!!

                              Take care, and we hope to hear from you soon!