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Some prayers for Shelbz

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  • Some prayers for Shelbz

    Hi everyone, Shelbz just let me know that she has been sent straight to hospital from the Doc's surgery.. she has full blown pnuemonia and will be in hospital until her lungs are completely clear.. ( might take 4 to 5 day's).
    Please keep her in your prayers, she needs them all.

    Thanks to all of you here in this "family" (there is NO other like it) that are continually helping her with all the templates, word art, clip art and support.. Her hubby is still in Iraq and to go through what she is at the moment on her "own" take's enormous strength.. This "family" is her "support" group at the moment and I just wanted to let everyone know just HOW much it really means to her.
    She does have her Lap top at the moment, but is extremely weak and has just been medicated.. but I'm sure just a few "words" sent her way that she can read later would keep her "chin" up..
    Thanking you again
    Tons of Love

    Forever in my heart - Jazzy

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    We will do some serious praying for Shelbz here at our house and at church. We have a prayer book of intentions, and I will put a prayer request in for her as well. Lots of good vibes coming your way Shelbz from Ohio. God Bless!!!!!


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      sending healing and prayers her way xxx

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        Your strength is an inspiration to everyone. You are in my prayers as well!

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          I'm sorry you are so sick Shelby. With rest and meds, you'll feel better in no time so hang in there. We're praying for you!


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            God Bless you Shelbz, everyone will be praying for you just as we have done for Mary Ann, Jazz and all our other dear friends. You are inthe best place and will get the attention you deserve xxxxx
            My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa


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              Take it easy shelbz, you need to get better. We we all be thinking of you here.


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                Rest, do everything that they tell you to do. Your children need you healthy. My prayers are with you and your family.

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                  My prayers and thoughts are with you Shelbz, rest and take it easy xxxx
                  My Buddy is Angelwithin


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                    Dear Shelby, sending you healing HUGZZZ al the way across the ocean.
                    May you feel better soon.


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                      Ohhh Shelbz! So sad to hear about you being sick!!! You take care of yourself! Get your rest and listen to those Doctors! My prayers are with you and your family!

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                        Shelbz - sorry to hear they put you in the hospital. We are sending some serious prayers heavenward for you. Rest and take it easy. Listen to the Dr's and nurses. We will look forward to your return to your family here at SBM.


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                          Rest and Come back strong...

                          You are in my prayers and thoughts. You are an inspiration. Get some rest and then come thrive on scrapping. What you have done so far has been fabulous!



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                            Shelby...wish I could be there with you...but we are all with you in spirit and you are in our thoughts and prayers...I know that this is a poweful prayer site..and God hears and answers hang in there and please take it easy...I told you that you are not SUPER
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                              OH!!! Kim !!!

                              Sorry my friend Kim, I stow absentee, now I only could see its msg, as it knows I lost two people of the family, e everything here this tumultuated all sad ones, but nor therefore I will leave to pray for Shelbz ok, God in hears them plus this time is certain of this, a great kiss,