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    Hi Everybody,
    I have a special request, my dad is in the hospital, He fell when he got up, and cannot walk... I am not sure what is wrong, he recently had a stent heart stent put in, I don't know if it has anything to do with it or not, he has fluid on his lungs and well I need a lot of prayers, I really don't know many people, but I sure would appreciate if you could add him to your prayer list, I know God hears all prayers, so if you would be so kind, I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers too. I am leaving for the hospital soon.
    Thanks so much!
    Lots of Love and Prayers,

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    Oh Angle. Hopefully the doctors will get it figured out. Will pray for him. Prayers work in mysterious ways.


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      Prayers on their way for your dad and you Trish!


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        More prayers on the way - hope all will be okay. Take care!


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          sending prayer

          even though i dont believe in God as such I do believe in the strenght of prayer. So i am thinking of you and sending you strenght.

          take care


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            Will do Angle. Sorry to hear about this. Hang in there, we are with you all the way!

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              Angle will add him and your family to my healing list and prayers xxx

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                Prayer List

                I will add you and your Dad to my prayer list.



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                  I hope it's not complications with the stent...;o( More prayers from here...;o)


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                    Already done Trish and will continue to pray for him...God is always listening and he hears all of our prayers..we have seen the power of prayer many times in this forum...before long people from all over the world will be praying for him..thats an awesome thought...take care and let us hear from you soon...Love and hugs..Linda
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                      Oh Trish, how terrible!! The power of prayer makes anything possible!! I will be praying for alot this evening! So much tragedy has been hitting this place lately!!! I pray that everyone will find some happiness in their lives, tonight, tomorrow and in the future! I will also pray that it has nothing to do with his heart. Keep us informed okay!

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                        Prayers are on the way for you and your Dad. Hope he gets better very soon.


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                          OH!! God,

                          OH! Angle, we will be all praying for its Dad, ok is tranquill,Go and Generous with us, therefore our sincere friendship and, this saddens me very, but everything in this life passes, not e? e this also fixes soon ok, it is in peace


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                            Angle-prayers are on there way! I hope too that theres nothing wrong with the heart stent. My husband has at least 4 or 5 different stents and they work wonders for him! You and your father are in my prayers!

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                              Trish, so sorry to hear your Dad is in the hospital, I hope the Doctors can find the problem swiftly & fix the problem so your Dad will be well soon... sending prayers to you & Dad.
                              hugs Karyn.