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  • This Is So Sad

    Hello Ladies and Gents,

    I belong to several different forums for different subjects and have found out that there are people out there who play on our sympathies. I belong to a Child/pregnancy loss board and recently a woman claiming to lose her child to still birth started posting, had a very sad tale to tell. We all got behind her to offer our support and anything else we can do. Some of us (Just like here in SBM forums) become very close knit, we send cards and sometimes flowers to a funeral if we are able. We wanted to do it for this woman but someone found out that this woman was a complete fraud!( She posted a photo of another woman's baby she had found on the net!) She played on all of us for attention as if we still aren't greiving over our own losses! BUt from what I have learned, this happens quite often and it's happening quite alot lately on ALL different type forums,PPL claiming to be sick, or family members being sick the worst offenders are those that use our military personel and children. Just wanted to give ya'll a heads if you are chatting with someone and something in their tale don't seem just usually isn't! ( I STILL can't believe some people would do something like this....sick) Please don't be offended by this I am in no way, shape or form talking about anyone on THIS board. I just thought, having been dupped myself I would let you all know it's happening!

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    Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.

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    I STILL can't believe some people would do something like this....sick QUOTE].
    Yes it is an illness and it really does happen.Never had it happen to me and it would be so sad to see this done.One never knows what goes on in this world. So many strange things that people do to get attention.I on the other hand was stalked by 5 girls in one family for 1 whole year and I thought I was going to go nuts.Sad what humans are capable of doing.These gilrs were sick as no one in their right frame of mine would do this.But these things do happen and they always come out smelling like a rose. They coy creatures.
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      Hello Wizard

      Hello Wizard: It is sad that there are bad people out there, but we can be proud to know in our hearts, that for every bad seed in life, there are many more big and beautiful apples. And you my friend are one. Thankyou....Lois....Smile
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        Hey Wizz, You bring up a very good point! This has never happened to me, Thank God! And everyone should be leery! I know all the peeps in here are very trusting peeps! Because if I thought that just one of them was not on the Up and Up, I would do anything I could to get them out of here! Including getting kicked off here! Yes maybe just maybe there are some here who can pull the wool over anyone of us, But I for one would never send anything to anybody without knowing some facts first! It never hurts to pray for someone and that comes at no cost. But Thanks for the great advice, and how sorry I am that this has happened to you!!! But please just because one person shrewed you, doesnt mean everyone will, I am sure if that happened to me I would be questioning everyones motive. Thanks again Wizz!!! You sound like you got a good head on your shoulders!!!!

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          Hi there, Sorry this has happened to you, luckily its never happened to me. We are lucky in this forum. I used to be part of a pregnancy/parent board but I used to get so upset over comments posted to my threads [because I might not do the same things as some other mothers assume the rest of the world should be doing] that I decided to leave and thats how I got into digiscraping. Discovered this place and I've never been happier. It would have to be a very good pregnancy/parenting forum for me to ever go back to one. A shame really.
          Sue xx

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            I know it happens but I still trust

            I'm not mad that it happened to me, it just made me kinda sad that some people feel they have to do those things for someone to talk to them..Heck...I can talk the brass b*LLS off a monkey (thank my dad for that saying lol) I just figured I'd give a heads up. I think EVERYONE on this forum are WONDERFUL people...caring, giving, giving, giving lol

            My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
            Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.


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              There are all types of scammers out there. So it is a good idea to be on the cautious side. You never know when one will turn up, so thanks for the tip wizard.


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                Hi wizard

                it is discusting that someone would play on th esympathies of woman who ahve just gone through the heart brake themselves to get attention. I think it is sick and makes me really mad. But unfortunatly there are ppl out there that do that. it is wrong.



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                  An incident similar to this happened last week in a pregnancy group i was in on MSN, some guy had stolen some pics and was saying the baby was his gfs and it wasnt.. He was only 16 too...I dont understand people these days.
                  Please if posting in groups put a watermark on your babys hair and chest so people cant steal..
                  I left all my parenting groups as i couldnt stand it anymore, at least once a month someone was found out.


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