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  • Please Forgive!

    I've missed loads of layouts the past few days and I'm trying to catch up, but haven't taken the time to put comments on lots of them. It's been crazy for awhile. I hope to catch the ones I've missed in the randoms. Everyone is doing such a beautiful job with the April challenge and their trips and heritage layouts! Until things settle down just a bit - if I've missed commenting on some of these great layouts, please forgive!!

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    Don't Be Fooled

    Now Julie, you and I both know your going to be VERY busy for the next few weeks or month.

    So, when are you and Ron heading back to Spokan? I know you got to get the Tuscon Home closed up for the summer and head for your winter home. WHAT A LIFE!!!!


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      Know how that is Julie, I know I have missed a bunch too. They are wizzing through so fast now, They don't stay up long.


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        Same here, there just barely is time to keep up with the post and what is going on in our family here online. Especially when you go on vacation and have to catch up! I am still working on sorting my vacation pictures.


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          Thank you for posting this, MM. I can't keep up either, but every one has been posting some seriously gorgeous stuff. Keep up the good work, gang!!!


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            I find so many pop up on random images that I've not seen before. They are all so good I just need to multi label 'TERRIFIC'
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              M&M HOW DARE you not have time to write on every ones layout, what with all the company you have been having, getting ready to move again, let alone take care of other things like the house cleaning, paying bills, and dont forget you have to get pictures of those sunset every NIGHT! and you say you just dont have time! HUH!!! and then to top it all off you come in here and APPOLOGIZE!!! Well I neverrrrrrrr.
              HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just had to do this! Love ya M&M!

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                Guess that we all would have to be on here 24/7 in order to post our thoughts on all the wonderful LO's. Really enjoy the random images since no matter how often I'm on, can't seem to keep up with this and other things.
                Have been trying to make an effort to comment on any LO's for new members for encourgement. The 'old timers' are so talented and love all their LO's. We have way too many talented people here to be on top of it all.

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