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May~Help whip cancer month!!!

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  • May~Help whip cancer month!!!

    I'm not sure if this is the best way to get this out there but I wanted to get the most coverage possible for this!!!

    Ok i know that alot of people incuding myself have been and are affected by this disease. I am doing my part this month to promote the awerness necessary to help find that wonderful cure we have all been hoping for. While my husband first deployed i became active with a company called Pampered Chef. I am an active consultant and this month we are promoting three products to earn money for this ongoing battle with this disease. All of the items are under $8.00 and For each item purchased $1.00 goes to the American Cancer Society. Wont you please print out this flyer and hand it out to all those you hold near and dear to your hearts? If interested i will need those forms back within one week prior to the end of may. I appreciate those that are willing to help and for everyone thank you for looking and listening. I am unable to put the flyer on here so if you are interested please e mail me at [email protected] and I will gladly send you the flyer and signup sheet.

    Wont you please help us to fight this dreaded disease!!!!

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    Count me in Shelby..this is a most worthy that touches each and every one of us in some shape form or one time or the other
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      You are sooo right Jazz, got my "form" too and anything to help fight this desease that affects soooo MANY of us in one form or another.. And research is the only way we have managed to get where we are today with treatments!, If there is a TOTAL cure out there, I'm in to help "find" it!!!

      Forever in my heart - Jazzy