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  • A Child Who Is Not Here

    I always had a problem with what I call my fith child. In our home we call it(because we do not know the sex)The-------It's Not Me---Long Title for a kid.When I lived in the old homestead whenever something went wrong they would all say It's not me.So Igot to thinking mmmmmm I have another child ---but where in the devil is it. Through the years he became a piece of the furniture so to speak.
    One day we decided to buy a new home.I was saying to my husband ---Do you think It's Not Me will not follow us.Well we moved and all seemed great and quiet--- but not for long.It's not Me moved Back. Though I should not complain as I never have to clothe or feed it and we did sort of miss it. Just wished I had a picture to show yah of all the little things it had done though out the years
    Nope I am not crazy. My fifth child is my made up child for all the mistakes my kids made. Have to blame it on someone eh. what are mothers for.
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    Hey Eye......... I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Hahaha, thanks Eye, you this making to give me good outbursts of laughter, I loved this!!!!! kisses


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        Our sixth child was called (I didn't know), because if anything went wrong nobody knew who did it.

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          Around here its "nobody did it.. it just did it by itself"..LOL
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            My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa