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Third Drawer Down.

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  • Third Drawer Down.

    As I was growing up in a family of 11 my mum did the beast she could to raise us all.She was a great lady. Made our clothes and cooked ---man she could bake.Well we had a kitchen just like everyone else.We used to have cupboards and a set of drawers. One was a spoon drawer and the third one down was a special drawer. It was like a treasure chest--- you name it and it was there in this drawer.It always fascinated me and I loved that drawer so much that I copied after my mum only all my drawers are a treasure chest.Anything in my way goes in my drawers. When I want to find something just look in th drawers and low and behold it is there.
    No I am not nutts(that is in my drawer too ha ha) but one day I was reading a newspaper and low and behold their are others like me.It was titled the Third Drawer Down.It was amazing someone had drawers just like me . I am not alone. Yipee
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    Fantastic History Eye!!!!!!!

    Hahaha, fascinating history Eye, I remember myself when small, it liked to move in the box of sewing of my grandmother, always had la, a pretty ring, or one broxe, I adored to move in these boxes, today have one in house, my son make the same, always want to see if ha different things la, this and interesting I believe that he ties a tradition, of our ancestor now?

    kisses i lovely you history


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      My hubby hates my drawers, because he is a neat freak, and I just put stuff in drawers or in the cupboard out the way, he is always complaining that if there's a cupboard I'll find something to put in it (go figure I always thought that's what cupboards and drawers where for anyway lol) he gets a bit narky when I give him this answer

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        Eye..... everyone I know had a drawer like that!!! I used to until I got the minimalist bug.
        If I've not used it in 3-6 months ~~ I don't need it.
        works for me.....


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          Thanks eye for sharing that sweet story..
          my kids say Im a pack rat so every drawer in my house is like that..but when I was growing up my dad was a neat freak..he said "everything has its place and when you take something out it better go back where you found its place"...and we DID..I do however, have a "third drawer down" with tape, tools, sissors, everyday stuff that stays empty most of the time because the people in this house dont believe in putting things back...they had rather yell at me.."Nana, wheres the tape, wheres the screw driver..stuff like that..
          PS Im not embarrased..the pink smiley just matchs better than the yellow..LOL
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            My grandmother said 'everything had a home'.I wish my kids had known her
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              I think we all had those drawers. We just call ours the junk drawer. I like "The third drawer down" though, it has a nice ring.