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  • The Hidden Camera

    Like most mums you want your kids to be Honest. Big word for them to understand eh.
    Well in my house I had a hidden camera( really I did not have a camera ).Kids believe their mama ha ha. I would always say if they did something wrong I would know by looking at the camera so they had better fork over the truth. Low and behold they would spit out the truth ha ha. Poor kids ha ha.
    Then my eldest son of 31 said to me one day. You know what mum that camera trick really does works.I said oh with a secret smurk on my face.He said I tried it on Chris( his son) and mum he actually told the truth.
    I always told my kids if they tell the truth they would never be punished.Wonder why they did not believe me. Their lives would have been so much better .
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    OH!!!! Eye !!!!

    Hahahahahah!!!!!! fantastic this, I photographed my employee here, stealing clothes of my son, and I swore for whom now! I showed the video to it, was purple in the color of the face, but to make what, ai ja had committed the delict now? but this Eye, you was fantastic in its idea, congratulations girl



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      LOL great one eye...
      if I had tried that around here my rowdy grandsons would have torn the house apart looking for the camera...
      we need a new "pink" smiley face so we match the new decor..LOL
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        Jazz, sweety, you don't need a camera... You need the Hubbar telescope!


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          Brilliant eye...too late now, all too old but what a weapon.
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            Now thats a good idea ..... I'll have to see what I can do with that one.
            Sue xx

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