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  • Update On Sheena

    Well now that she had 6 teeth pulled ,made it through the infection and mouth is now healed we now move on to see what else is needed before she gets her braces. They told her that her whole shape of her face will change and she will be stunning.I will keep yah all udated on her progress.Wish us luck.
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    Lots of luck EYE....I know what its like...I had an infection in my gums from Diabetes, then to make it worse, I had a guy shove his 12 size shoe in my mouth and knock out all my front ones...I had dentures before I was 22....Just another thing to chalk up on my of luck and hope she is feeling better...((HUGS))
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      Have been to the dentist with Amy today. Sh has a phobia with needles. She hasn't ever had any treatment and needs teeeth taken out as she has too many and wisdom teeth that are growing wrong. She hasn't had injections at school and it goes on. We have been to hospitals and all sorts seeking help.We are now going to try a hynotherapist. That is cutting a long story short . Braces will be a long way away although they should have been and gone if she hadn't the phobia. Poor kid and I can't do a thing.
      Sheena an Amy will be stunners one day
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        Wish Sheena the best Eye!


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          give Sheena my love

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            In the Longgggggggg run, it will All be worth it!!!! You'll have that MILLION DOLLAR Smile!!!! I think your smile is perfect the way it is!! but since you want it done, I'll be praying for ya Sheena!!!! and you to Eyeball, you'll have your hands full once you retire thats for sure.

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              Hi Eye.......... thinking of you both.


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                HI, Eye

                OH! Eye, of my kiss the Sheena, has asked for that he is tranquill ok, everything is certain, worse things exist very, it makes positive thought ok



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                  Eye-just think of that million dollar smile. Everything will be good--just not a very pleasant experience to get there. Really hope that all goes well.

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                    Hoping all goes well and wishing Sheena lots of luck and a quick recuperation!


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                      Wishing you and Sheena the best will be worth it in the long run..give Sheena my best and hope she will soon be feeling and hugs
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                        I will keep you both in my prayers, hard for mom too, we can't stand to see our children hurt.
                        Sending Lots of Love and Prayers your way!


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                          Eye, I made you vary prayers Shenna, Terry , Mary Ann, Madelaine girl from England, Shelby, I made one prece very special in these days, e I have much faith that all things , everything is perfect in its had places, e in they will bring many joys ok,

                          One great kiss to all



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                            She has an appointment to get x-ray and with luck braces started this Wed. . I do hope he does not mention gum surgery like he did in the past . Hope he forgets that.Will let you know when we get back on Wed.
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                              Sorry I missed this thread - just caught it now.

                              I will be thinking of both of you and will pray that all goes well throughout the proceedures and... this is the perfect spot to place a big fat . I have another Buddy that will be getting my thoughts and prayers for Wednesday also - I have first hand knowledge of the benefits that come from having genuine, caring people thinking and praying for you.

                              Say hi! to Sheena for me, love and regards,
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