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Emmy's Doctor Appointment today

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  • Emmy's Doctor Appointment today

    She weighs 6 pounds even!!!!! 18.5 inches long. Today for the very first time..she ate 6 ounces in less than 2 hours!!!! Sorry...I'm a little excited....but....SHE'S FINALLY GROWING!!!!
    Only thing the doctor found wrong with her today is her feet...her heals stick way out from the backs of her ankles, so he's not sure if she will ever learn to walk right but it is a wait and see thing but who the hell cares! SHE'S GROWING!!!!! I don't care if we have to have special shoes made for her or not as long as she keeps growing and growing and growing...ya can't tell I'm happy can ya? LOL LOL LOL . Her hearing tests had to be pushed back...he want's to send her to a different specialist in another city which is ok with me too! OMG! she has the sweetest little smile...ok I'm done hahaha

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    So our little angle is starting to gain some weight. That is o wonderful. We're so happy to hear the news.

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      Oh happy day!!! This is awesome. Wonderful news, Wiz, thanks for keeping us posted. And don't worry about the walking part... We'll get Marion to buy her some Komplens!!!! That ought to help!


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        My first son was born with his feet waaayyyy turned in. They put him in special shoes for a long time, but once he got them off, he walked normal and guess what? He walked at 9 months! So I am sure they will come up with something for Emily too. And wow 6 pounds, she is getting HUGE!
        So happy for you Liz!


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          YAY!! Wiz this is so encouraging. She is gaining weight and eating good too!! They will come up with a plan for her, you will see. My youngest granddaughter was born with a club foot and she has had surgery and wears a special brace, so one shoe is bigger than the other. She is finally getting some good muscle tone in her leg, it's been just over a year and the muscle tone is starting to come. But she walks pretty darn good in that brace. They are so innovative any more. She will be fine. So happy for you!!!

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            Originally posted by Granny View Post
            Klompens...yeah, I'm the local dictionary, LOL!

            That is awesome news, MsWiz! The good Lord knows what He's doing with Emily, and she's precious to Him! -- and US!

            *does the happy weight dance*


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              Great news Wiz, I am sure that made you very happy!. Can't wait to see some more pics of our Emmy.


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                YEAH! So happy to hear that Emily is doing good and growing!! That is wonderful news!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!! And for sharing Emily with all of us too!!! I get to babysit next!!!!
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                  Happy to hear Emily is growing and thriving. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and mostly that you capture your sweet smile.

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                    Excellent notice !!!!!!

                    The good news in these times, I am happy in knowing that Emily this well, and gaining weight, it is tranquill with regard to the feet, is thus same this very small still to diagnosis the certainty, in case that she needs when to start to walk e alone to place boots special e soon they to be excellent ok

                    One great kiss

                    God blesses to it


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                      *grabbin Kansas' hands and doin the dance too*
                      Ohhh Wiz this is excellent news! I am soooo happy for ya!
                      Grow Em, grow!!! Sues right, we need to see a recent picture of Emmy!

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                        This is great news. Having a weight problem with Amy I know the happiness when the Doc walks in with a smile on his face and says, "Weight is good, come look at the chart and see."

                        I want to see more photos of your beautiful angel to. Please, Please, Please.
                        Sue xx

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                          Oh wiz what wonderful news about our baby girl..I'm not surprised though..its like we've said all along...God knew just exactly who to give his precious child too..your loving care and your deep love for Emily are the reason she is doing so good...Dont you worry about her feet..God will take care of that problem when the time comes..just as hes been doing..thanks so much for sharing Emily with us..I cant wait to see pictures of that sweet smile..tell her all her aunties love her and to give us a big ole smile..give her a kiss for me..
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                            What wonderful news Wiz. I agree with Jazz, don't worry about the feet, keep celebrating her growing. I too can't wait to see the pictures of her smile.


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                              Whiz I envey you. You have so much love.God did not choose Emily for you He Choosed you for Emily. You are overwhelming with love. I love yah Whiz.You have that inner strength and are a sweet special person.
                              Oh Emily I luv yah as well and was so excited to hear you are gaining. You will walk in time and will do a dance jig for mama and papa and all your Aunties. We need new picrures.xo xo
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