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hi All!!!!

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  • hi All!!!!

    I have noticed the absence of following people! Terry I know that this sick person, to put I do not have the news recent, if somebody to know of something, fixes here so that all are pair ok, I am worried about ours friends, e always I have desire to know of all ok

    Kisses to all
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    Hey Ro, I was wondering the samething last night about Leslie Emery... where the heck is she, I know she doesnt post in the forums but she always post her layouts in the gallery and she hasnt been around for a few weeks! I just hope she is on vacation some where. I have seen Kristy and Verleen on a few times. And I dont know who the Garfield character is!!! There are several of them on here.

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      Verleen was on vacation, and Terry has been dealing with a lot of different issues and won't be on much until things settle in his life.

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        Hi Grils!!

        OHH! Thanks for answering me girls, thanks PKd, for informing me ok

        Hi, Carol, is Garfield it continues being LINDA to put now JAZZ ok another one it remembers?


        Who to get the news recent please it fixes in this , we will be perpetual grateful ok