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  • Happy! Happy Days!!!

    My dear friends, it has been a wonderful day for me...I finally became a designer...It was probably luck, but I managed to do this from one of OUR dear friends here...I can't thank her enough....and I can't thank all of you enough for the encouragement and support...Sadly though, it isn't through here, yet, but I'm still hoping... I am wishing on my lucky stars..If I have any up
    If you click on my screen name and visit my homepage link, you will find me under the crafty scraps tab and also a few more great designers...Thought I'd let everyone know, especially the ones that were so curious about me finally becoming a designer...So there you go...Stay sweet and lots of love...Thanks...
    I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!

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    Ahhhh WOLVSIE!!!! I am sooooooo HAPPY for ya!!!!! You must be on cloud nine!!! Way to goooooooo!!!! Now dont forget about us here! You better always stop in to say hi!!!

    My Buddies: Jazz, Smile, Sue, Eng and Eye "CHILLS", Poppabob, PKdoll, Onie, Pickngrin


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      tyty, and yes I am on cloud nine...When I heard the news myself, I almost fell off my computer CROPS, I won't forget about you guys, I love it here too much...I'm obsessed remember...I am still gonna give away stuff free, cause I actually enjoy that just as much...My motto is to make people smile, and I know FREE stuff accomplishes that...But thanks really..I couldn't be happier...
      *trying to find the cookies*....<wink>
      I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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        Congrats Wolvsie great going..I wish you much success....
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          Congratulations Wolv!!!!!!!!

          OMG!!!!!! Wolv, that happiness for ya girl!!!!! this and wonderful, desire to it very much same success ok you deserves, and a wonderful being. kisses ro


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            Congratulations, Wolvsie!!!! Delighted you joined the team!

            Go get them, girl!


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              New to MAX team

              OK, OK, I guess some people found out without saying I made the team here at MAX as well...I will get my crap movin' as soon as I can...But I am thankful and happy to be a part of MAX's designers here, we have some great people in here...and I thank you all...Just make sure you visit my store in here when Desmond gets it up and running...<wink>... xo I'm sure it will be posted somewhere else as well soon...
              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                And about DARNED time too!!! LOL....Congrats Wolvsie..I KNEW you'd do it!

                My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
                Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.


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                  At last! It was like waiting for the postie to deliver the letter that wouldn't arrive!!!!
                  I knew they'd take you on it was a question of when!
                  Congrats wolvesie so happy for you
                  My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa


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                    They awer to slow ha ha. Congradualtions buddy.Drop in and say hi as your gonna be so busy Yipee.
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