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To all our U.K. friends

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  • To all our U.K. friends

    I don't think I realized just how bad your flooding was until today. Because we're moving I've been off and on with the news. The devastation of this flood is unbelievable. Hope you are all safe and have shelter and safe drinking water. Hope your families and pets are okay.

    It is so sad to see all the homes and fields in such deep water. Take care everyone across the pond!

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    I, too didn't realize it was that bad. I heard people commenting about all the rain-but never knew it was this bad. Hope you are all safe and high ground. Take care!

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      Yep ... hope all the folks back in the UK are doing ok.
      Tom called me at home Saturday morning worried about my mum and dad. They are luckily in the Chiltern Hills so they are not on the flood plains. Mum did say though that she has never seen so much water run down the road before.
      Sue xx

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      Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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        Ditto to our English friends, I hope everything dries out soon and life will return to normal for you all!


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          Double ditto! I have been through floods and it is not fun. Hope everyone is ok.


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            Prayers going out to you all

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              Thank you for caring. I have never seen anything like it. It's one of those situations 'that happens to others'. We are so lucky we are high up so so far are ok. Two towns near us are expected to flood today. In some areas the water is 6 feet deep and people are trapped in their own homes without food and water. Many that can get to Supermarkets find they have run out of food. The Red Cross is doing it's best and so are the emergency services. They are saying even if it starts to get better today it would be a year before people will be able to go home. Thousands heve been rescued and are living in all sorts of places.
              If any one is affected on here they probably won't be able to use their 'pooter' as electricity is also affected.
              Everyone is helping each other but I think there will be a lot of questions asked as the papers say this morning that the government were warned of the need to take flood precautions years ago! I am glad to say they have confirmed that it is not due to global warming. My cousins live in Reading which is probably going to flood today, so hope they will be ok.
              There is very little else on the news.
              We are so lucky but the news is grim, the forcast is that it's far from over.
              I'll keep you updated. If it does start to affect us I'll let you know in case we lose power.
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                I didnt realize it was so bad either until earlier tonight...thanks for letting us know you are ok eng..and thank goodness you are...hope and pray it will not get to your town..please take care and my prayers for our friends across the big pond...
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                  Yes my buddy Eng. I worry about yeah. I try msn but where is your mouth to gab gone Sure miss our chats.I hope you will be safe and that your ousin will be okay. Oh those poor people.Prayers are sent to every door. xo
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                    Thanks for letting us know how you are, Eng, and we will be hoping to hear from you again when you can. It's like Katrina - so many people flooded out of their homes. Take care!


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                      Eng, I just saw this in the news this morning. Well, only a flash of it. It's terrible. Wish we could all come over and help out. Please be careful and prepare for the worse. Be sure you got extra food, blankets and other stuff. Don't wait for it to get to you.

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                        Very Good Advice Granny!! Its better to be safe than sorry. I've seen it on the TV last night for a little bit. It sure does look like Hurricane Katrina. It's soo amazing that reports come out about how this could of been prevented, but nothing done before hand. Now they have no choice and it will take more than a year to get things back to normal. My prayers go out to all of you peeps!! Eng, I was sooo happy to see you posting!!! You stay well and stock up on water and can foods, and batteries !!!

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