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  • Sheenas Update On teeth

    Well now we can see a great change. I took out her old photos to show her the change as she could not see it. She was amazed at the difference. Now today he said he may not be able to have them perfect as she has a bad over bight. He mentioned her jaw may need to be broken. I said no to that as we see an amazing change and by another 1 1/2 year she will look good. She has a good side profile so I will not be going that root with the jaw breaking.I could see if her jaw was stuck out or she had no chin , so we are not worried. I told him I was very pleased at the amount of shifting that has happened. Now she still has to have another tooth pulled.He said she has no room for this one.Why they did not pull it when they pulled her 6 other teeth? But this is her update and we are so pleased so far with all that has happened.
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    Wow eye that's great news. I don't blame you I don't think I would want them to break my daughter's jaw either. Really happy that things are turning out so well.

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      Me too, awesome news....
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        Thats Great News! Glad its working for her, I wouldnt break her jaw either... that would be very painful, a close friend of mine had it done, she couldnt eat anything for 8 weeks, her month was literally wired shut. Everything she had was through a straw... ever have spaghetti through a straw??... not a pretty site! LOL But anyway... she will look terrific when this is all done!!!

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          When I had my wisdom teeth out they offered to correct my bite by breaking my jaw! I said 'no thanks!' and it has never caused me a problem They said I must have a job to eat sandwiches? I thought what an odd statement! (and no I didn't lol)
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            glad to hear that all is going well, glad you didn't opt for the jaw breaking, I have had that done to me (for medical reasons) and it is not a nice thing at all. Your daughter was beautiful to start with so any progress is just a bonus to add to what was already a shining star

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