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    Glad that you are home and doing better. My prayers are still with you and your girls!


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      Oh my Jazz, couldn't believe it was you writing to us. will continue to keep you in my prayers so that this will never happen to you again.

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        Hello Jazz:
        So glad to see that you are home and doing better. I have been down at the beach and haven't had a computer but I called Eye and she kept me informed of your progress. I was so supprised and pleased to see your letter. I loved the pictures you included and you are right, we live in such a beautiful world. We are all really pleased with how your daughters treated us. And the fact that they saw how we really care about our little group of friends. I will call you soon but maby this time I can find out from you what a good day is for me to phone. I know that at this time you need your rest. We really love you sweetie and keep up the healing and we will keep up the prayers............Love your sister....Smilie.......Lois.....xoxo


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          Jazz, how wonderful it is to hear from you, my sweet and gentle friend. I'm so grateful you're home and feeling better. Thank you for taking the time to write to us, letting us know you're back with us.

          Please, take care and don't push yourself. And please, give a great big hug to your girls for their kindness in keeping us posted.

          This is a happy day indeed!


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            oh my, just logged on and wow how thrilled I was to see this post, Jazz you were missed so much, I will continue to prayer for your strength, thank you for sharing your wonderful daughters with us, (they have become a special part of this family also)

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              Welcome back Girl! we miss you a lot but now we are soooo happy to see you around
              Baci bella
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                fabulous to see you back jazz

                dont forget take it easy & rest lots

                hope to see you back in full health soon
                fiona xxx

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                  JAZZY- this is the best post I have read for months!!! It's soooo good to see your 'voice' on here! And if it wasn't for Lorri and Angie I would be in a straight jacket drooling in a corner somewhere! TAKE IT EASY!!! REST and get your strength back! We love you tons and want you back in FULL HEALTH!
                  missed you my friend!

                  Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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                    So glad to see you back! But now dont overdo it!! take it easy and take care of yourself!!


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                      What a true friend you have been not only to me but many others. You have reached through us all in some way or another. Maybe when Smiles(Loie) calls you I may get lucky and go out and say hello.I sure missed you Jazz.Yesterday was my original retirement date and now I am all done.You get some rest and behave eh. Luv yeah.
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                        Hi to all of you....I finally read all of the comments that were posted while I was in the hospital...I started reading them when I got home but it was hard for me to read what Lori and Angie were saying so I just stopped...but I decided tonight was a good time to finish all were so wonderful to them and prayed for them also...they went thru some rough times...Lori because she alone so to speak and Angie was alone in Oregon...thank goodness they could talk to each other everyday ... I just didnt really realize how many people were praying for us...thank you Kim, Wolvsie and Muma for asking for prayers on your blogs..its just overwhelmes me..and thanks to everyone who put me on prayer list in your churchs and prayer groups..God is so awesome and wonderful..he does HEAR AND ANSWER prayer and he DOES use even Sickness to work for good in peoples lives...Thank you for all the beautiful cards...If I missed someones card please let me know what page it is on so I can see it...Im feeling better everyday but still not myself totally..but Im getting closer everyday..I love you all and please continue to pray for us..We love you..Jazz
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                          Jazzie, I can't speak for anyone else that you have so lovely thanked, but I don't need a thank you...<wink> I believe you would have done the same thing for me...We all love you here....and I know everyone was worried about you...It never hurts to pull people together in prayer when someone needs it...You are a true friend...and am always here for you...I am just so glad things are working out, might be a slow process...But nevertheless, you are back with us...Get better, and God Bless... xo
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                            I can tell your getting better with each day! Seeing your layouts in the gallery again is the best sign of your getting better! Its a wonderful sight!!!! Keep taking good care of yourself and we will keep the prayers coming your way!

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                              Jazz the only thanks I need is to see you come back to us. I know that you are starting to get better because you are starting to post again, and your lovely LO's are appearing in the gallery again. Take your time and don't overdo it. I continue to think about you and pray daily that you get better.

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                                I agree with doll, Just seeing you here is all the thanks we need. Please take care of yourself and don't overdue. You have some wonderful daughters. It was so nice of them to keep us informed!