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  • Just when I begin...

    to become more involved in this forum, I will be away for a few weeks!

    We live in Grand Rapids, MI but spent last week in Fresno, CA looking at houses. My husband is receiving a job promotion and the company is relocating us to Fresno.

    He has to be in the new office on November 6th so we will be leaving MI for the drive to CA on November 1st.

    We are very excited but the next two weeks is going to be interesting as I prepare for the move. So many things to do. So many people to say goodby to, including my 9 Month old Grandson and my 18 year old son.

    We have already begun making plans for them to fly out for visits, the first one around Christmas time.

    I think I am going to capture the process in pictures from packing to the final setup home. This will be a huge undertaking for my 13 year old son who will be leaving his friends of several years.

    To keep my sanity, I will pop in here to keep up on things but scrapping is definately out of the question right now.

    Kelly ~Mom's Corner

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    Welcome to California, Kelly.

    Fresno is a nice place, but oh, girld, prepare for the heat!!!! 120 in the summer. Ops, I better not tell you that!

    You will be three hours away from me.


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      Have fun moving. Relax and take a deep breath. Nov 1 is my sons birthday and when I started nursing and when I bought my first car.Good luck number I think. Have fun.Take care.
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        and take a lot of pictures so you can do a great moving album!
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          Sounds nice that you get to move to a warmer area. Good Luck with your move and all your unpacking.

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            Ohhh 2 weeks will fly by... before ya know it, it will be Christmas!!! Take lots of pic, then you'll have something to scrap when you unfinish packing..... ughhhhhhh... the worst part...but at least you'll be able to pop in every once in awhile.

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              Good Luck

              Good luck Moms and we look forward to seeing your pictures.....xo....Smile
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                Whew... you have me worn out just reading it! LOL. What a big move. but I hope that it is a wonderful experience for you! can't wait till you get back!
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                  Good luck in the move...and stay safe...
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                    good luck with the move, I'll be doing the same thing soon

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                      Good luck and take pictures ....lots
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                        Good luck have a safe trip to your new home...
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